Zen Micro 5GB - Voice Recording


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Can anyone tell me how good the built in mic is on the Zen Micro ? I like the look of these, but need to have a reasonable mic, so I can record lectures at University. My lecture room is just a normal size class room, not an auitorium ! I usuall am seated about 30 feet away from the lecturer, who doesn't use a microphone at all .... just normal voice levels. Will this voice recorder function handle that situation ? If it is suitable, I will definitely buy one. I really like all the other features.
Thanks for any help or advice,

the mailman
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i'm using it right now, and i'm at least 5 feet away from the professor and i can barely hear it when its on full blast. then in the auditorium i'm f'in screwd bc i can't hear s***. i'm trying to find a external mic thats better than this built in zen micro mic poo. good lukc grant.
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