Memory-less MP3 player with USB-key connector as input?


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Hi there!

I'm searching at this moment a product that would certainly please many people if only it would be on the market => an MP3 player with no other embedded feature than the ability to read MP3 from an *EXTERNAL* USB key.

I'm sure such a product exists, though I haven't been able of finding one yet.

A big advantage I would see is that it would separate the "storage" thing from the "MP3 player" thing - meaning one could change either the key (to get a bigger one, typically) OR the MP3 reader (to get a higher-spec'd one), without having to change both elements at the same time.

Anyone could recommend me such an MP3 player?

JFYI, I would typically want to add a 3rd element to this already modular concept: an FM emitter that connects to the Audio Out connector. Wouldn't the end result be the most all-purpose and modular MP3 player ever made?

Thanks in advance for any advices!

Cheers, MadC.

Mark Pottie
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I don't know if it will support an ext usb hd, and it doesn't have an internal fm transmittor.


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I am searching for the SAME THING!!!! I have an 80GB external HD (Ximeta NetDisk) and want to put it in my car and find an mp3 player to run through my stereo (FM tranmsitter)... Have you FOUND anything??? If so PLEASE drop me a line at ANY help would be appreciated!!!

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Thanks Mark!

I bought the Lexar JumpGear MP3 player, and this is just what I was looking for!

Note that I have NOT tried yet to plug into the Lexar player another key than ones from the Lexar JumpDrive range, neither have I tried to plug in a USB extension cable to which I would plug an external USB HDD. But I do not expect all this to work - I could only be a good surprise if ever it worked!!!!! :-)

I currently have only a 64MB USB key in the Lexar player, but I have ordered a 1GB one to benefit from more storage space as well as the USB2 transfer rate.

For the FM transmitter, I decided to buy the one from Kinyo (TM-1300B) following advices from a friend who is very happy with it - but I haven't received it yet.

Cheers, Pascal.

In case you still care, local Wal-Mart has this device that seems to be exactly what you described, though it seems to be especially designed for cars:

(Manufactorer site

(Alternative, )

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I'd be very interested to know if the JumpGear player works with non Lexar USB keys.

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I have tried the Lexar JumpGear with a HP USB drive with a USB extension cable and it worked with no issues.

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now we can theoretically use any mp3 player that takes a proprietary UFD (usb flash drive) size, such as the "mp3 companion" for my sandisk cruzer micro. the usb extension cable's rubber insulation on the male end may have to be shaved off a bit to get it into some of the mp3 players i would guess.
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