JVC GR-D290 firewire problem


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I have bought this camcorder this week.

I am using the DV connection and connected it to my PC running Windows XP with service pack 2.

I use a DigiConnect firewire card with a DigiConnect firewire cable.

The strange thing is, that I succeeded two timess to get the signal through, I even encoded pieces of realtime film on harddisc with Window Media Encoder. Just the whole day without any trouble at all, good stuff here.

But the strange thing is, i shutdown my pc yesterday, and I didn't tocuh my camcorder, and when i boot my PC today, nothing happens, just a black screen. XP detects the firewire device without any problems, but for some reason the connection is dropped, and I cannot figure out why. I tried to restart the machine, turn off the camera, turn on, etc. Doesn't help.

The manual states that I should use a JVC VC-VDV206U or JVC VC-VDV204 DV cable, should that fix my problem ? Did anyone else has such similar problems ? Some people tell me, go bring it back to the store and get a Sony. This JVC cam really seems to be great, but this problem is driving me mad.

Thanks for any input,


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For anyone that cares,

I've tried the following which seems to be pretty succefull.

Switch cam off, switch pc off. Change firewire port connection, turn camera on, turn pc on.

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This topic should have posted under "Camcorders". That is probably why no one gave you input.
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