Simple question (hopefully) on mosaic playback problem


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Really new to this and sorry if this is just dumb. I got a Sony TRV250 from eBay through good dealer, I think. I doubt the problem is the camera. I put in Sony Digital/Hi8 brand new film and shot a minute or two inside, at night in well-lit room. The playback on the screen and through my TV has mosaic patterns, when the camera panned or moved. Nighttime? Camera? Heads? Settings? I've looked through the manual and checked the settings and am stumped and bummed. Thanks.

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sounds like head problems. Get a head cleaner and see if it helps.

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What's with the link?

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Sony TRV250 about 18 mo. old. Will not record or play back. Image appears in viewfinder and LCD. When "record" is pressed, viewfinder/LCD show "rec" and counter advances. Once "STBY" is pressed, counter goes to --:--:-- Nothing is present on tape. Previously recorded tapes will not play. HELP.

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Ok I'm having the same problem. But this is the catch. My 250 was fine, and I thought since I've had the camera for 2-3 years I should clean the heads. I purchased a Maxell dry head cleaner and popped it in. Followed the directions and took the tape out. Started to record things and NOW I'm getting the mosaic effect.

I tried cleaning again and again and nothing. Went to Radio Shack and got a wet type 8mm cleaner. Used that and nothing. Used compressed air nothing.

I get the mosaic effect when I move the camera too. And the sound is all garbled PLUS the counter doesn't count right as it's recording and playing sort of like: 1,2,3.....4, 5..6, 7.... etc.
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