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So I've been thinking about buying a gun permit. Not a carry permit but just for home defense. With all the new gun laws flying around I want to secure one for myself before my Government revokes my 2nd amendment right to so. It will be a handgun and something with a clip. I know they aren't cheap and I feel my kids are old enough to respect it should they ever stumble across it. (My son will be a teenager this year). It was one of the reasons I waited. Looking into it and since I live in NJ the process is very cumbersome and can be frustrating. There are many forms to fill out and psychological tests to be performed. I also need at least 3 references to attest that I'm not some nut lol.

Of course every form and step requires a fee. $20 for my local police and like a $60 for state. I'm not looking to hunt or bring down an establishment, just want to own something millions of law abiding Americans have in the past.

I have no felony convictions, drug or alcohol addictions (ok jury is out on beer lol), no enemies foreign or domestic, mental disorders or family history of such, shoot I don't even have any over due books at the library. Why should it be so hard for me to get a gun permit? That and a decent handgun, from my research can cost $1000+. Ouch. Then there's the ammo, case, training, ect. I'm ok with that, since it's an elective. Just don't tell me I CAN'T because of a new law.

Now there is a HUGE debate on our current gun laws and many can swing either way but it seems to me guns have been around for 100's of years. Why all the hype over them now? So some poor SOB takes out a bunch of movie goers or takes out 20 kids in a school. If guns weren't available they would just find another way. Maybe if more LAW abiding citizens carried then it wouldn't have gone that far. I know MY azz would have pulled my piece and taken him out had I been there and allowed to carry!!!

Criminals rely on the fact that the majority of their victims are unarmed/incapable of defending themselves. Otherwise they wouldn't attack because they are cowardly scum who prey on the weak. Since criminals ignore laws to begin with does anyone really think outlawing guns will help things?

Now there is a HUGE variance to this debate in regards to automatic weapons. If they have them why shouldn't we? Be it a pea shooter or a rocket launcher. If the criminals can get them then so should law abiding citizens, IMO. Otherwise why even bother?

All I know, because of the actions of the criminals, is I have a harder time securing my right to defend myself and family using the very same methods they have. To me that means my government protects the criminals MORE than me.

All I can say is since when does a thug go through a security/background or thumbprint check, have to show references and pass a psyche evaluation? Guess what.....never!! Only law abiding, tax paying citizens do! And they are the ones who end up the victim, ironically.


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Wow your state sucks....

Here you do not need a permit to carry a gun, But a ccw class is recommended. And guns are easily available to both criminals and law abiding citizens... When the gunshows get here half of the dealers will sell to you as long as you have the cash and an id that says you are old enough to buy...

I think banning guns is a stup!d idea since the law abiding citizens will not be able to get guns to defend themselves from criminals. And criminals can EASILY get guns in the street even if they are banned just at a higher price. So pretty much only criminals will be armed and guess what happens to the law abiding citizens?

And don't get me started on the governments botched fast and furious sting where they SUPPLYED criminals with guns.

anyway lol you can get a decent gun for around 400-800 bucks like a springfield, smith & wesson, kahr, glock ect...

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A GUN SAFE of some sort is indicated. Even teens can NOT be trusted and he could be talked into something foolish by a less than responsible 'friend'.

Unfortunately, I can't for the life of me even THINK of such a 'strong box' which is not fairly easy to get into for criminals and time-consuming for someone interested primarily in home defense.

Check out U-Tube of kids cracking those boxes like you'd crack a peanut.

I'll stay OUT of the rest of the gun debate. It is likely that laws restricting ownership actually INCREASE the number of criminals, those being people who are otherwise law-abiding but who simply do NOT trust the government to administer a list of gun owners and would prefer to be 'off the books'. Buy Ammo and pay cash at gunshows would be my best advice. THat and LEARN how to use whatever gun you end up with. Spend enough range time to get good and you may way to get one of those 'speed loaders' for auto guns magazines.

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On the return from a trip to visit my folks in GA we stopped in VA to pick up some air rifles. They have come a LONG way since days ago growing up. Back then air rifles were capable of breaking windows and such but were never considered very dangerous. Got a .177/.22 caliber Beeman model with scope. Factory specs put it at 1200 fps but in the real world actual velocity is closer to 800-900 fps. They shouldn't claim muzzle velocity as pellet speed IMO. Breaking the gun in is a trip as the steel spring is so stiff at first it cracks like lightening. Bought for $120 at Bass Pro Shop. Awesome store.

The thing is a beast. At 40' I can penetrate the steel in a heavy duty wheel barrow (used as a back stop). My gun has interchangeable barrels and mine is set up with the .22. That's where I leave it too. With the power this break barrel air gun has I would have no problem bringing down things like groundhogs, turkeys, ect.

Just this last weekend I crossed the bridge into PA to pickup an air pistol. I got a HK USP replica 4.5mm gun. Pretty sweet for only $50. Mind you the Co2 and ammo cost as much as the gun but it's fun for the $. I'm telling you at only 10' away you cannot tell the difference from the real thing. At close range it will pass through an unopened can of soda with no problem. No where near as accurate/powerful as the rifle of course but it was just a man toy I wanted.

Still want a handgun but for now waiting on the $$ to make the leap.

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The best pistols and rifles are SINGLE PUMP and made by either Beeman (English/ $$) or the German company Feinwerkbau ($$$+)
The Fein is expensive but also THE choice for olympic shooters and in .22 version used by competitors in Winter Biathelon.

As for a gun box?
Get ONLY a box with the Kaba / Simplex lock. They run about 200$ and are worth it. Bolt it DOWN.
Set the combo on going to sleep so it is a knob twist away to get your gun and in the morning, just reset the lock and you are secure.
Makers include Fort Knox, V-Line and American Security.
The Electronic locks are generally junk and the rule is the battery WILL fail when you need it MOST.

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Long time. Just an update for anyone who still visits E. I decided on a Smith & Wesson SD9VE. It's a 9mm and a Glock clone and an improved Sig design. I have nearly 1000 rounds through her and she hasn't misfired at all. My Brother in law and I purchased our handguns at the same time and he was always influenced by the price of something directly related to its' quality. So naturally he bought a Glock 17. After shooting them both I have to tell you the difference is minimal. With a $20 Apex trigger spring kit I can upgrade my S&W to almost near Glock like standard. His? $600. Mine? $350. Don't get me wrong, not bashing Glock at all because they do make an excellent firearm. I just did my homework and found a very comparable gun for $250 less.

Not sure what the cost of ammo is where you live but it was a major factor in determining my caliber choice. Of course I can get .22 rounds at pennies each but 9mm was for me. Locally I get either Remington or Winchester 115 grain rounds for about $60 for a box of 250. All brass and full metal jacket. I don't care for steel casings, reloads or lead bullets. Also stay away from the real cheap ammo as they will fire dirty requiring increased cleaning of your gun.

All in all I'm very happy with my choice and I can routinely get a 10" grouping at 15 yards. Have yet to take my son (who is 16 now) to the range to let him experience/respect what a gun can do.

Up next? Looking at a rifle. Will be bolt action, cause I just like the feel of a well oiled machine.

Cheers to all!
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