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" F*ucking computer. (in) the goddamn house. See all the problems they've caused? "

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Those who beat their children in this fashion usually do so out of disappointment of their own lives. They have failed themselves and choose to punish their victims of domestic violence (almost 100% small defenseless people) to establish some sort of sense of control. Gives them power. The truly scary part of this vid is the mother, who usually tries to defend the victim because she herself suffers the same beatings. Not in this case. She jumps in beats away herself.

Certainly not the worst that's out there but not pleasant to witness anyway. Only good thing is we can hope that this girl grows up and has a successful life, choosing not to beat her own children and stopping the vicious cycle. Then let them rot away in their trailer park home why they wonder why she never visits or brings the grand kids over.

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You have to be sick inside to inflict that type of abuse on any human being, let alone your own defenseless child.

I think a select few might look at this as old fashioned "discipline". Ya know like, "kids have it too easy these days, they need an a@# whoopin". But this clearly crosses the line, and it isn't close. He is a grown man, exponentially stronger than his poor little daughter, and he is putting some serious force into those shots. He and his wife are both sick in the head.

My parents spanked me sometimes when I was bad as a kid. But I don't remember ever once being able to feel it still hours later. Let alone days or weeks later. Can you imagine the welts this girl must have had all over her legs? He couldn't have used more force if he was defending himself from a grizzly bear with that belt.

Proud of that kid for having the courage to stand up for what's right and wrong, even against her own parents. Very courageous.

Even scarier is that this man is a JUDGE. He should lose his job, serve time, and NEVER be allowed to work within the justice system or hold any position of authority or power again. It's really frightening to think that this guy is a judge. A judge is someone we would hope would be the most morally sound, reasonable, intelligent, "head screwed on tight" kind of person. And this guy is on camera literally assaulting his defenseless young daughter. And over what? Computer use? If his daughter was caught coked up and pregnant this should STILL be illegal.


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I grew up in a time where parents DID spank and even teachers as well in school. Hard for anyone in today's world to imagine but that was the time. Today, lawyers would have a field day if a teacher even lashes the tops of your kid's hands with a ruler.

Reminds me of the story of a male teacher who lost his job because he "physically handled" a student. The reality was he was breaking up a fight between two students. How do you do that WITHOUT any physical contact??? That was just simple hurt pride with the kid and opportunistic parents. The man lost his career and years work inside the school system.

And people like in this vid get away with murder. Well that is beginning to change with the help of phone and web cams. People's true selves are being exposed. The fact that this man is a judge, like Ehren stated, is shocking but at the same time not so. We all wear masks to the outside world and sometimes those masks hide monsters. This may be a daily event for this girl and it may take a lifetime for the parents to face the music for it or the web will take care of it much sooner. Her friends and their parents have GOT to have seen it and I'm sure they are exposed this very minute.

Shame on them for whipping a girl. Shame on them for being the cowards they are.

Shame on them for being caught in the act by their daughter and her "evil computer".

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That was kinda hot. Granted I only watched it for the first minute.

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That is so you Brad.

And we love you for it.

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The tragedy is all these helplessly abused little girls
will become the b!tches of tomorrow.
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