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how do you think will win ..... my votes go to scotty mccreery ( love that deep sexy voice.)

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I used to watch years ago but to tell ya the truth it got way out of hand after only a few seasons. Many say this years talent is by far the best collection to date but think about it, they're going to say that EVERY year. With the past voting scandals and judges' antics it just led me to believe it was ALL Hollywood. Take Sanjaya for example. In my eyes he was "kept" aboard because of his on stage oddity and relevant ratings boost it gave them. The VOTERS didn't keep him afloat but the show's producers did. Once they realized America was onto their scheme he was ditched the next week. In one fell swoop the show's original intention was replaced by greed. (Welcome to Hollywood).

Since then I never trusted the voting results and will forever chalk the show's outcome up as a planned weekly Hollywood event meant to rake in the most ad $$$ as possible. Appears to be working for them.

P.S. I always root for the country singers. They represent the majority of music listeners in this country as well as the bulk of this county's infrastructure, sorry East and West coasts. I suppose that means you'll never see a "Hip Hop" or "Rap" singer win. Don't know how you feel about that.

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Its about the same as watching a dog eating there own sh*t...

I hate it personally

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Seeing as I don't watch tv much anymore, ^^^ that's pretty funny.

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I agree with pimp. My vote goes to Ruben studdard
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