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hah, yeah i just read that on Yahoo. you'd be delusional if you thought he'd put on a good set start to finish.

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My first thought was how is this going to effect his upcoming "shows"?
People already bought the tickets and I wonder if they will try to give them away, just not go, or show up just to say they witnessed the shite?

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they cant give em away for the Boston show..

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Man, this guy is really something. I mean, he's basically an average actor, who hasn't been a part of anything worth watching since the 90's, and yet people are completely fascinated with him.

I can't decide if the guy really is as much of an ego-crazed, drugged out scumbag as he seems, or if it's all just a very calculated attention grab meant to seduce the types of morons who actually enjoy that sitcom he's known so well for .

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It's today's world we live in. We have exhausted every resource for talent and ideas that we cling to the first thing that slaps us in the face. We are surrounded by Paris Hiltons and Justing Beibers, Lindsay Lohans and the Kardashians. Fame isn't built on hard work or an actual skill today but on how many views you get on Youtube. The digital world which was supposed to enlighten and educate the world has ironically blinded many of us. After all 10 million hits just HAVE to be right, no?

It's like all thos BS vids that have gotten millions of hits and you scratch your head thinking HOW? This is $#@!ing retarded! The snowball effect steps in and soon ppl are clicking simply lead by the fact that so many have done so before. After a year you get 10 million views and possible fame for a fat azz woman "sittin' on da toilet".

Not knocking the net cause it does bring the world so much faster to you and can break the hold even a country has on it's people. What once took a day of researching at the library can be achieved in 5 minutes on a search engine. Instant communication with distant family, online banking, online shopping, instant weather, sports, news, ect. I just can't stand how some are so addicted to the "stupid" that seems to flood the net.

Two and a Half Men? Outside of his personal life I thought the show was pretty funny. When I found out how much he was getting an episode any sympathy I had for him flew out the window.

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I have sympathy for the guy his life is upside down. He needs help. Hes lucky that he got to keep his show rolling on tv after all or i think he would really end up doing something hed regret or drastic.

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He is back to Winning! All reports say that he changed up the set and the Chicago show went pretty well. They were chanting Detroit S#@ks! over and over, lol.

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LOL this is awesome


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Lmao that's awesome.

As for my opinion on Charlie Sheen, I think he's a worthless pile of trash to put it bluntly. He thinks far too highly of himself and I'd love to see him knocked down a notch or two. How any one can feel sorry for this guy is beyond me.

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No Yanks.. Charlie Sheen is awesome lol. He does whatever the hell he wants and doesn't give a fu<k what the media says about him.
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