AT&T buying T-Mobile


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it's happening.

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Here's the article we've posted about the deal:
AT&T is paying $39 billion for T-Mobile USA

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That is the two companies with the most complaints about drop-outs, signal quality in fringe areas, etc. I sure hope they have a plan to fix all that, because the iPhone honeymoon is over, and that was the only thing they had to sell themselves with.

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I have T Mobile and don't have anything against their quality. Especially not their plan. IMO, one of the better/cheaper companies i have ever dealt with. ATT gave me nothing but problems when I was with them before. For Verizon, i stayed away after I saw how their DSL service was. Cheap quality and customer service sucked. Can't say they are the same with their cell phone service, but they've already left a mark on me. I have a friend with Sprint and he too complains about crappy service. I dunno. I've been with Tmo for some time now and am very happy with their customer service and cell service. Not bad at all.

Maybe this explains why Tmo had some crazy phone sales within the past couple of months?

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Personally, I love T-Mobile. I used to not like it, because I would always lose a signal in certain areas. I guess it was just my phone because I've never lost a signal with the MyTouch3g. They have pretty good plans for individuals too. If you don't like the plans they offer, you can call them and they will try to work something out with you. I have a custom plan that includes unlimited texts and data, 300 anytime minutes, and nights and weekends. This plan fits me perfectly because I don't talk on the phone that much. I also get a 15% discount off my bill every month for being a UPS employee... even though Sprint offers a 25% discount -_-

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That's actually very cool, Steve. I have a lot of friends out here that have T-Mobile, and they sometimes complain and ask if they can use my phone, so I dunno... A lot of these things have to do with your area, and your phone. And yes, the reception quality on different phones is a big factor.

I have been with Verizon forever, and never had even one issue with them, and their customer service is top notch whenever I had a question or wanted to change something. The main, and pretty much only criticism I have heard about Verizon, is that they don't have dozens of plans, or customizable ones like Steve talked about above. I have always been good with the 450 anytime, free night and weekends, unlimited text and internet. I travel a lot, and always have people waiting for me to arrive for whatever reason, so 90% of my calls are of the "Dude, I will be there in 4 minutes, don't be trippin!" variety.

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I also have team mobile and have no complaints but after july 9th im discontinuing service with them because i find that i dont need a mobile phone plus its one less just going to use my magic jack and let people call me or leave messages there.....magic jack works great for me
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