Do you use original brands or not?


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When it comes to electronics brands, in how far do you guys use the original accessories (chargers, headphones, etc)? I got an iPad & MacBook, and I only purchase original Apple accessories, but my friends are always telling me off that I pay too much for those. How do you go about it?

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Part of a manufacturer's angle in marketing and selling their product is developing it to support accessories only made by their company. Case in point are the countless cell phone charger adapters that each manufacturer make. (Why didn't they stick with the old fashioned circular plugs?) Now most use a funky shaped plug made specifically for your phone. My Motorola phone has a jack that is so close in shape to my son's you can't tell from the naked eye, yet when you try to use the plug it doesn't work. The sale of accessories is a HUGE factor when developing any product. Ever look (I mean really look) at the sticker on a new car? You were drawn in by the tv commercial that showed the most luxurious model with every possible option capping it off with the price tag of a stripped down standard model. You felt cheated when you arrived at the dealership hoping to take advantage of such a great deal.

Ironically that's what led me to buy the truck I currently drive. I WANTED and came in for a lease that was advertised for a Ford STS for $249/month. Sold! Not when you get there. I was given the run around and told they couldn't offer the deal. Turns out dealerships make hardly anything on leases. They made their $$ off sales. So they ran the ad to draw you in and performed the classic bait and switch at the back end. I was confident I got a great truck at a good price so even though I was disappointed, it worked out.

Mind you this angle is used on just about anything you buy. Like our latest craze in smart phones. While they lure you in with the attractive device through marketing it's not until later you discover the huge amount you'll be dishing out over the next 2 years on plans, apps, net, data fees, ect. They WANT you connected because it's making them rich.

Have I babbled enough?

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I only just use the accessories that come with my stuff but I don't know, I don't really trust third parties. Heard too many stories how they can mess up your stuff.

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You must enjoy throwing money away... lol

and never looked back. A $20 from apple accessory is $2 shipped. And my jailbroken iphone is doing just fine lol.
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