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I saw this video posted on CACO. Some of you may have seen it already, not sure. Its of a van in Egypt running over people in a crowd. A little disturbing, so throwing out the warning.


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Wow that's messed up. I dunno if you ever heard of the site

Don't go there if you are easily disturbed by this kind of stuff.

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It's a wild and scary ride over there. Lot's of pent up anger fueled by 30 years of oppression. The driver was probably instructed by one of the occupants to flee the scene immediately at all costs. Had that van not made it out of the mob they all surly would've been lynched to death. After the first person was hit it was a no looking back decision to floor it. Of course I don't know who the occupants were and from what nation they represented but it doesn't matter. People will do extraordinary and horrific things when faced with stress of that magnitude.

It's only a matter of time before the area is completely void of such items like food, water, gas and proper medical facilities to aid after such instances like this one.

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took me a second to realize what i was
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