The most bad@ss movie ever ! ...


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1 15 = 153 DBs ...Trinidad & T...

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lol matrix style

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Most indubitable

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10 minutes doesn't make a movie lol. Cool effects though.

Originality? 6/10 stars. After all it IS a rip off of various films.
Special effects? In today's standard's? 6/10 stars
Appeal? I watched the whole vid and would have liked to seen more.

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Terminator + Matrix + Super Monkey Ball + Snatch = Crazy Indian Film.

Pretty WIN to me.

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Some of the car scenes reminded me of video game 'Cruisin USA', for people that may remember that game.

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^^^ That game frickin rocked!!! They had a game machine of that at walmart near where i live... I played a lot of that lol
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