Where do you get your music now adays?


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I used to use Limewire but as I'm sure you're aware, they got shut down a while back. I've bought a few albums from stores when they're cheap but buying every new cd that comes out can be expensive over time and it stinks to buy a cd with three or four good songs. So I'm looking for a good source to download songs again, anyone know of one? I was thinking of doing Rhapsody, which I can pay a flat fee per month but I've never used it before. Anyone have experience with it? I'm wanting to be able to burn cds for my car. On their site it talked about being able to transfer songs to your ipod, etc, but does it work just like Limewire did where I'll have the song file on my computer and I can do whatever with it, like burn it to a cd? Or is it set up to where it has to go to a device only?

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i stopped using limewire\frost wire yrs ago when i got high speed net

demonoid & btjunkie have almost anything u can think of ...

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Have you tried Frostwire or luckwire? There both pretty much the same as limewire was. Deffinatly good for downloading a song or to. For whole albums... i agree with rovin. btjunkie and demonoid are good. Then just download bit-torrent an your set.

^Good place to find everything

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Be carefull dling off sites these days..ip swarmers are all over them. Swim recently got a notice from an isp regarding a dl. They have the torrent name, date, time. As of now it means nothing, but they have been gearing up towards something.
Swim used btjunkie...And it was an older movie, not at demonoid being safer...


Date: Sat, 14 Dec 2010 10:06:57 -0500
Subject: Notice of Claim of Copyright Infringement

Dear Verizon Online Customer:

We are writing to advise you that Verizon recently received a notification from a copyright owner of a possible copyright violation that appears to involve your Verizon Online account (the "Complaint"). The work(s) identified by the copyright owner in its Complaint are listed below.

We are contacting you because our records indicate that the Internet Protocol (IP) address provided to us by the copyright owner was assigned to your service on the date and time identified by the copyright owner. While this activity may have occurred without your permission or knowledge by an unauthorized user, or perhaps by a minor who may not fully understand the copyright laws, as the primary account holder, you are legally responsible for all activity originating from your account.

Copyright work(s) identified in the Complaint:

Copyright infringement level: 1
Title: XXXX (XX)
Protocol: BitTorrent
Timestamp: XX-XX-20XX XX:XX:XX UTC

Copyright infringement is a serious matter that violates U.S. copyright law and subjects infringers to criminal and civil liability. It also violates our Acceptable Use Policy ( and Terms of Service ( If you, or someone using your Internet connection, are engaged in the conduct alleged by the copyright owner, we urge you to stop (and ensure that anyone else who might have access to your Internet connection also stops).

Protecting Your Privacy: The copyright owner has not asked Verizon to identify you, and Verizon will NOT provide your identity without a lawful subpoena or other lawful process. However, if the copyright owner does issue a lawful subpoena or other lawful process that seeks information about your identity or account, Verizon will be legally required to provide the requested information to the copyright owner.

If you have questions regarding this notice or would like to view Frequently Asked Questions about copyrights and piracy, please visit us at

We appreciate your cooperation on this matter.


Verizon Online

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Frostwire works exactly the same as limewire used to.

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Target, sometimes Walmart. Last cd bought was Taio Cruz.

I used to download music. I have 1000's of files. Kazaa, bearshare, limewire, ect. In the end they catch on and all you get is empty searches. Sure the newest peer-to-peer networks eventually show up but never for any length of time.

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Oh, and SKD, I'm from a time where you HAD to buy in order to listen lol. I have boxes upon boxes of cassettes and cd's of my music stored away. The tapes will eventually degrade and become worthless over time but my cd collection will live long and along with the tapes defines who I was in my youth.

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go here 9 cents a song or whole albums for as low as 1 dollar

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check this out also

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this is a good deal too to buy original cd's

im probably going to go this route to help keep a business like this album with 14 songs on it works out to 49 cents a song

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