The Walking Dead


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Have you all seen this yet? I caught the encore of the first episode Friday night and wow this is the best show on TV IMO. If you're in to the whole zombie thing,like I am,then you will love this show. It is better than any zombie movie I have seen and Ive only seen the first episode! It is fucking awesome! In the first 10 mins or so of the premire,he shoots a little girl zombie,shes maybe 6-7 yrs old,I could not beleive they did that on TV. All the zombies and effects are just as good,if not better than any movie I have seen,IMO they are far better. It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole hour and a half it was on. It just blew me away. I didnt think it was going to be all that great but I was "dead" wrong,pun intended If you have not seen this show yet then you need to check it out!

Oh BTW its on AMC,new episodes are Sunday nights at 10pm.

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this show is indeed awesome!

i read some of the comics back in the day and now am enjoying the tv show. definitely recommend it

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this is cool show!!!
I like it! I like such movies about zombies =) and PC games too!

this tv-show like PC game "Left4Dead"

Im waiting full season cause I dont like watch one episode per week

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omg indeed your fu.cking spaming

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Ive been watching it since it aired. I'd say its a pretty good show. Hard to believe there are only 3 episodes left this season. Have any of you ever caught the show "Fact or Faked" on SyFy? They had a marathon on the other day and it was hard to stop watching haha. They look for paranormal videos, pictures, whatever and then decide two to actually check out and test. Some are fake but some they just can't explain. Pretty decent show if you like paranormal/eerie things.

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watched this sunday after tremors and from dusk till dawn lol, pretty good i must say. way more than just a gorry zombie flick, acutally has a decent script and drama/action. gonna keep watching. i used to liek ghost hunters on syfy till it got gaay and they started changing sh1t.

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Yep, watch it and like it

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This is a pretty good show. Alot better than i expected. Its based off The walking dead book series which i hear is good also.

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I've heard it's awesome but I'd rather watch the season from start to finish so I'm waiting for DVD.

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just watch is on tv (its on AMC) or online at
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