How Neodymium Magnets Offers A Variety Uses


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One of Earth's most powerful rare magnets is the neodymium magnets. Many people are unaware of the dangers neodymium magnets can cause if they aren't handled the right way. There are neodymium magnets that weight smaller than a nickel yet powerful enough to lift up about 10 kilograms. This type of magnet can actually cause problems of the medical device known as the pacemaker. So, it should always be handled with care in order to prevent any kind of disruption. In addition, this rare metal should be kept in a safe location away from children and pets. If neodymium magnets are accidently swallowed, it can be life threatening. It is so powerful that it can actually bind the inside of a person's intestines. So, make sure this is kept away from children or pets.

What is Neodymium Magnets Made of?
This powerful magnet is used to make the following:
  • magnetic ionizers
  • magnetic filters
  • magnetic separators
  • security systems
  • alarm systems
  • security switches
  • metal detectors
This magnet is also used to manufacture the following items that we use on a daily basis:
  • chip detectors
  • TVs video applications
  • telephonic applications
  • computer hard drives
As you probably can imagine, there are a variety of industries that heavily rely on neodymium magnets. They are also used in the development of generators. Have you ever wondered what manufacturers use to separate metal from oil in certain industries? Most companies that make oil filters rely on magnets in order to divide metal from oil. For example, in the auto industry, neodymium magnets are used to keep tarps in place to cover automobiles and machinery.

This wonderful magnet is also used to make toys and even tool belts. Several manufacturers of fashion accessories such as jewelry clasps use this type of magnet to hold jewelry items in place. Many retail stores use this type of magnet in order to hold tags together instead of sewing them on.

Neodymium Magnets Used in the Medical Industry
This powerful magnet is also utilized within the medical industry. It helps in reducing pain and certain symptoms caused by arthritis. Many people within the medical field refer to neodymium magnets as 'healing magnets' because they are so powerful and effective in reducing pain.

Neodymium magnets are also the perfect size. They are small yet extremely powerful. You can carry it around to virtually any location. Even though earlier, in this article, it was mentioned that one should use caution around children, this magnet is used in the development of toys.

Here are a few characteristics of this magnet that is much different from other types of magnets available. Because it is so strong, it has very high resistance to demagnetization. Other kinds of magnets available on the market tend to be more expensive whereas neodymium magnets are inexpensive.

Why do several industries use Neodymium Magnets? They use this magnet because it doesn't need to have a high temperature for heat applications. You will want to keep it at a very low temperature otherwise it will catch on fire.

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is this a sales pitch - where is the link to what ur selling ....

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Deja vu? I swear this was posted before and in that thread I asked if anyone had the link to the thread where it showed the dude who smashed his finger with 2 little mags.

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And Jesse I think I mentioned in one too how I have some ultra-powerful neo's here at home, and how they WILL crush your fingers and even your hand if you aren't careful. It is truly mind blowing how much power they have. I bought some of the 1"x 2" and 1/2" x 2" cylinders a couple years ago, and they are a blast to play around with, but every time I show them to friends I have to go over the whole "dude, be very careful with these..." speech and most of them think I am totally kidding until they have them in their hands. At first they are always "come on, hand em over, dick" but then they are like "whoa, you weren't kidding"!

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Here's the guy who smashed his fingertip.

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Interesting...I Started looking up magnets on YT, Then led into moters, onto wave generators, and finaly at UFO's. Ive wasted a whole night now..

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lol Marc. i've totally done similar one more than one occasion.

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that link is insane. i didnt know they were that strong. thats awesome!

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Yea...I remember that old link. Pretty nasty and neos ftw.

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There is some lab that developed a magnet field so strong it acually levitates things. They floated a live frog in it.. It is acually a super conducter, but still pretty cool.


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I remember seeing that before Marc, there are all sorts of stories of people being able to make things levitate, things far larger and heavier than a frog too.
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