Holy Sheep Sh!t!!!


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I just saw a picture of this in last month's Dirt Wheels magazine. He said he found it in an old barn still in the crate. It got up to $44,600 with 58 bids on eBay and didn't meet the reserve. I can't believe that it got that high. It's worth $10K - 12K tops. I guess for a collector it's priceless.

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wow, kinda high for it imo. However, I can understand it. When I had my 74 Harley SX125 dirtbike, I was down in PA and stopped by a small bike shop. Sitting inside the clearance bin was an original rear luggage rack with "sissybar" bnib. He wanted like $30 for it. I didnt buy it and regretted it. I have still not seen one up for sale since, Not that I need it now as the bike was sold.

Link to similar bike with after market rear rack, not the original part..

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Wow. I don't care how rare it is. That much $$ for a crate full of parts......and there isn't even a title? As is, no warranty too?

***Steps quietly back away from auction***

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Not shocking to me. This barely even registers on the scale of outrageous prices paid for rare things. People have paid a lot more than this for a rare baseball card, or video game, or other things which originally cost MUCH less than this ATV or w/e it is.

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Rare sports cards, stamps, artwork, coins, ect I can see selling back 100+ times its' original price. They are made to capture a person's talent, preserve a historic moment or continue a tradition. They are a part of history and are symbols of our values we wish to give to our future.
Sadly, IMO, we put a high value on things that aren't intended for any of that. Maybe that bike was indeed an extremely rare model or simply the best in its' class? Still though, for anyone to ask for $50,000+ for an incomplete crate of parts is aiming a bit high. Not to mention he states it's been taken out of the crate 10+ times to be shown.

I guess even in today's world there are still too many ppl with too much $$$. No doubt he will relist and lower his reserve a tad, until he sells it. I just don't know how you would justify a $45,000 purchase of this type to your significant other lol.

"Hey hon guess what I bought? Only some assembly required."

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