IPhone 4 vs. ?


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What do you guys think?
Does it stack up to the latest greatest smartphones on the market?
My cell contract is up in October, but i think im going to get a phone before then.

anybody have one preordered?
thoughts on the EVO 4G, Droid Incredible, any other competitors?

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there's going to be some new android phones coming out shortly. IMO the Incredible/EVO have the title currently. although the EVO has better hardware i consider them even due to the providers lol. the new iPhone has matched hardware capabilities to the current kings, but android takes it with the software portion IMO. also, apparently Motorola has promised it will deliver a phone with a 2ghz processor in it, not sure when though.

on a different note, Samsung revealed a 512gb solid state drive that will be in production next month

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Do phones really even need a 2ghz processor? i mean how much stuff can you possibly do at once which will require that much? i dunno....a phone is phone. Use it for what it is and texting. Now they have all sorts of games and stuff but do we really need it? I played them on the phone.....and it sux handling them lol.

iPhone 4 looks pretty awesome for what it can do. Best thing I like about iPhone and no other touch phone is the actual touch. I've been through countless touchphones and imo nothing compares to the iphone. They also have the video conferencing now....which is pretty cool. Not sure what other phones have it. iPhone 4 looks pretty dominant. I guess the bigger achievement was the multi tasking which i believe so many people wanted.

BTW....i have a HTC blows. Its huge, has glitches, and runs on winblows 6.5. THAT phone has some crazy specs as well and I went right back to my blackberry after 2 days.

o and ATT plans suck.

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we shall see what happens.

only time will tell what Apple plans on doing with their iPhone.
I, however, called Verizon and let's just say i'm not going anywhere with my contract. lol I misunderstood my online account information.

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I still use an old pay as you go flip phone from Virgin Mobile.

Does that make me a bad person?

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dell lighting will kill all of those.. even with his windows phone 7 os

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f*ck dell. windows os won't make it either. with the rate of phones coming out having android on them i don't see anyone else lasting in the game besides apple just because of all the fanboys. it's a nice piece of hardware but with it's current release rate it will be playing catch up consistently now. open platform (android) and constant hard/software upgrade will dominate. just look what already happened to Palm and what is happening to RIM, previous leaders in the rankings.

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I recently got a Droid Incredible on Verizon and I'm pretty happy with it. It pretty much does anything you'd expect a smart phone to do. Its my first smart phone so it was all new to me at first, but I've picked it up rather naturally. My only concern is I'm soooo careful with it. I feel like if I was to drop it, it'd be dead. The good thing about talk/text phones is they could take a beating. I worry about how I hold it, when its in my pants pocket and if I may bump into something.
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