Debate 3 - Same Sex Marriage


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Should they have the same rights and opportunities as heterosexual couples? Should they be able to legally marry? Is marriage ONLY between a man and a woman? Is the US open enough to support same sex marriage?

This is a common debate and I'm not sure how exciting this one will get lol.

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You and who?

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If snow and steve want to stick their little peckers up each others bungholes thats fine and dandy they can do what they want but i dont think they should be allowed to marry each other. Marriage is between a man and a woman.

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It's a debate topic Snow....I'm trying to liven up the off topic area lol.

Why do you think that Jules? I'm not saying you're wrong or saying I disagree with it, but why do you think it should only be between a man and a woman? Why shouldn't they be allowed the same rights as others? Anyone can answer that as well.

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I've known a ghey (error) couple my entire life since I can remember. My mom was friends with them before I was born and going over to their house was a common thing when she went to visit them. Being raised around it, it seems normal to me and perfectly logical. If two people get along great and are right for each other, so be it. It really shouldn't matter. There are always extremists in anything in life and with those types, problems arise.

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I have several opinions of the subject.

1. What two consenting adults do with or to each other in the comfort and privacy of their own home is nobody's business but their own.

2. I do not wish that path for either of my children but will HAVE to deal with it shall it ever arise. It's my right as a parent to want my offspring to continue the magical wonder of conceiving their very own through and inside marriage. It's just indescribable how great it feels to witness your children grow up looking and acting like you because of the biological bond you have with them. I would never accuse a gAy couple of being incapable of love or question their ability to raise a child. It's just that, IMO, society isn't as ready for it as they think. Because of the narrow minded and extremists out there you just can't ignore the taunting and ridicules the children will encounter. Much more so than interracial parents and their kids, for example.

3. What goes on quietly remains that way. I never liked those wildly parading around demonstrating their "choices" that I personally don't care to see. Remember that scene in Jackass where they chased that one guy around with mustard because he had a fear of it? Eat all you want, I don't care, just don't shove it in my face because I hate it, thinking I'll spontaneously change my mind about it. Simply keep it to yourself and leave me the #$@! alone.

4. There are far more problems in the world that deserve the attention of all the hate that gets spent on somewhat meaningless BS like this. Political corruption, the oil crisis, natural disasters, ect. All of which impact our lives both physically and financially far more than 2 twinks playing nAked twister in their elegantly decorated bedroom.

I'm Paul Larrea and I approve this message.

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Marriage is a bond between a man and a WOMAN not a man and a man. They need their own ritual or procedure. And they definitely shouldn't get tax breaks and such or cheaper insurance etc...

Hell, too many ho m o s e xua l s and we'll become extinct!

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ROLF @ what julian said

just for the record : im not g@y but this is imho -

though it may not be socially accepted in some cultures : ghey ppl have been around a long time & nothing is gonna stop that or stop what they do with each other so imo it doesnt bother me if they want to get marriage which is just a piece of paper making it "official" .

They are hetero "common law marriages" which is a man & a woman living together they may even having kids without signing a paper saying they are married &, they live normal lives together this way for yrs without making it "official" , so i guess the same can apply to ghey couples if they so choose to live with or without signing that piece of paper ...

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Just curious Rob, why shouldn't they get the same benefits as heterosexual couples? What's the difference? I've heard many people say that before but none of them ever gave a good reason. I'm not saying you're wrong by any means, but why no benefits like straight couples?

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The common fear is that many incurable STDs occur more frequently in twinks. Aids being the #1. Treatment of such diseases is extremely expensive and never ending. Legal marriage would allow a person to add their significant other onto their health insurance as a spouse. The cost of said care would only burden the system further thus forcing the insurance companies to raise their rates across the board to pay for this surge. Morally a life is a life but the majority of the public frown heavily on carrying the burden of those with a terminally ill, "predominately" ghey disease. After all, 70% of all aids cases are h0mosexual.

Now how you view this is on you and your opinion on h0mosexuals. Like I said I don't care what 2 people do to each other as long as it doesn't effect me. I fear that Obama's health plan is going to encapsulate issues like this and only tax the common man further to pay for it. Our country is faaaar too kind to non-working, uneducated freeloaders as it is. I'm tired of having a portion of my earned income going to feed, clothe, shelter and provide health insurance to those who either shouldn't be here in the first place or choose to lay back and have the rest of the train pull them along for the ride. Government assistance isn't a replacement for being gainfully employed but it's quickly becoming so.

I suppose the same issue can be brought up on smokers and the cost of cancer treatment because of the choices they have made.

^^^You might have another debate topic there Yanks.
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