Concealed WP in MD


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Hey guys, I live in South Carolina and have my CWP. I carry everywhere, and knowing how bad the crime is in Baltimore I'd like to keep my pistol on me when I go back to visit in a few weeks.

I've been googling for a few hours and can't find info- I know MD is a PITA state to get a permit, so does anyone know any eastern states I can apply to that will allow travel to MD?

I don't mind driving anywhere between PA to FL to take the test or whatever I need, but honestly farther than that probably wouldn't be worth it unless I can do things by mail or online. Thanks for any help.

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Are you talking about near the D.C. area at all? Because there's no way. Only way you can possess a gun is if it's at your home and disassembled.

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I'm talking Baltimore/Perry Hall/ Inner Harbor area. I'll be right off the bay for a few days and I hate to go anywhere without a gun of some sorts any more. I may pass DC on the highway, but I wont be there for any real length of time.

I know Florida allows you to get a CWP through them that is good in something like 29 states, but not MD.

How are the laws with in the glove box though? You don't even need a permit here for that, though I'd be afraid of getting broken into. Why do you say at home and disassembled? I keep 2 loaded pistols within reach all the time and even if a cop knocks on my door and I have the gun in my hand when I answer I'm still in my legal right.

Also anyone in the Baltimore area that might want to grab a bite with the wife, kid, and brother?

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Nevermind, finally found a website:

God I'm glad I don't live in MD. No clips over 20 rounds? No guns in the car unless in a case, no wonder people get shot and held up all the time, criminals know they're the only ones with guns.
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