Back from The " Ireland",


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Well, I just got back from a 2 week trip to Ireland. Had a blast,(no pun intended) Until Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull volcano Decided to blow. At first it was no big deal, but as my planes departure grow closer, the reality of the Earths outburst became a nightmare.
Many tens of thousands became trapped at airports through out Europe and across the world as all air traffic was halted in eastern Europe, In essence, held hostage by a natural event thousands of miles away.
At the airport the first few days were uneventful, but as time went on food and water began to run out. We formed two groups. The first group was lead by a former Isreal special forces guy who acquired some knowledge of a secret underground bunker and was able to turn us against each other while always imposing suspicion one every one.
Our group was lead by a fat guy named Hugo who was the founder of a large fast food company. He had lost his girlfriend at the airport, In the ladies room line I heard.
As night came, it was always the same. scouting for food in the outlaying villages while trying to avoid the others..One night we became "Lost" and encountered a Polar bear. Later it was found out we were actually at the Zoo with the kids..
Finally the gray ash disappeared and the airports were opened. It was amazing to find out that there were planes waiting to take ppl from the Ireland. Now back in the States I fear that I will be forced back to The Ireland by some unrelenting force to find the truth.

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You should have rolled down the window and grabbed a glass full of ash lol.

Oh, and you'll be back.

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Very interesting travel.

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Nice. Seemed like a pretty wild trip.

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Sounds amazing.

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The board at Dublin Airport


Entrance to the uderground Bunker


Inside the Bunker


Cryptic message inside the bunker


Trim Castle where we hid out. (Brave heart was filmed here)


And a car wtf at the front windshield bubble Thing...


Well, I had a grerat time. My flight was booked for 2pm, The airport opened at 1pm. I got there got on my plane and left.
Alot of ppl were stuck for a while. If my flight was cancelled I could have been there for a few more days as it was a first come first serve for rebookings.
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