Chinese FAIL.


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1 15 = 152.5 DBs ...Trinidad & T...

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idiot nearly facked up himself & the others too ...

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Most people are probably going to watch that and call the guy an idiot, but playing with such dangerous toys doesn't eliminate human error. Guys die from friendly fire and accidents and whatnot all the time.

Doesn't matter if you're taking orders at burger king, or doing brain surgery, we all make mistakes.

With that said, he throws like a girl.

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Announcer: "ching chong, ping pong".

First soldier: "chong ching, pong ping".

Second soldier: "ping pong, ching chong".

Easily the most annoying language on Earth. Gaysians FTMFL.

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His trainer acted quickly in saving his and the others azzes.

On the brite side, If we ever have to go to war with them hopefully they will all fail at throwing....

Wait, Boston Red soxs has a new chinese pitcher.....

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