Stone Brewery (Brad) and other microbrews


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I recently tried one of their beers (Arrogant B@stard Ale--save the jokes...) during my time in LA, and it was one of the best beers I've ever had. I don't know if anyone else into real quality beers, but if you ever get a chance you've got to try it. They're based in San Diego, so you better be drinking this shiz all the time, Brad. Do you know anything about their brewery?

Anyway, I'm not normally a fan of dark beers, but I found out that a local liquor store sells a few of their beers, so I picked up a bottle of "Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale" and it is DAMN good. I'm starting to think these guys just don't miss. They also have one particular beer they have brewed once a year since 2007 that you are supposed to let age until Dec. 12, 2012. Pretty interesting.

Basically, I was just wondering what everyone's favorite beer is. I'm always looking for new brews to try.

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Oh you're opening up a can of worms lol. Traditionally my fav was ALWAYS Coors Artic Ice. Naturally they stopped making it a ways back. They toyed with bringing it back but failed to pull the trigger. Next up is Labbat ice. Only from Canada though. For some reason when you buy Labbat beer in the states it just taste different. 3rd for me is Coors Winterfest beer. I truly haven't tasted it in like 10 years but ALWAYS stocked up when it was out.

Honorable mention goes to Molsen ice. If you get it on tap you'll want nothing else. Pricey but well worth it.

I could never jump on the Corona bandwagon.

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If you can find it, try "Dead Guy Ale" from Rogue. I am a fan of amber ale's. A couple of my fav's are Drop Top, and Fat Tire. Also, try Full Sail Pale.

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try Leinenkugel's Sunset Wheat. tastes like fruity pebbles, sh!t you not. Arrogant B@stard is good stuff. and Canadian beer does taste better in their own country, used to hit up Niagara Falls all the time just for it haha. i'm also a big fan of Hoegaarden Belgian White.

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Goose Island Brewery out of Chicago makes some damn good beer. I never really liked anything that Leinenkugel makes. Another one that I do like is Blue Moon. I only tried it once, but it was pretty good.

If you have a thing for hot stuff, try Cave Creek Chili Beer. I took one sip of it the other night and holy sh!t! Way too spicy for me.


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Guinness Black and Tan

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Yeah Reece, I know a guy that works in the warehouse and gets me a few Growlers once every couple weeks or so (A growler is a half gallon glass jug).

They are technically in Escondido, where I grew up, and all of their beers are great. They have been constently rated by the leading beer websites as one of the best breweries in the world. My favorites are their IPA and Double Bastard Ale. Go easy on the DBA, it is 10% and will mess you up in a hurry.

My other favorite brewers are Stella Artois, Rogue, Blue Moon, Anchor Steam, Dogfish Head and Samuel Smith.

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Goose Island Brewery out of Chicago makes some damn good beer.

This^^. 312 is heaven.

I also love the aforementioned Stella and Blue Moon (with an orange slice).

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Yeah, I've had most of the beers you all mentioned. I love Leinenkugel's, Blue Moon, a few Rogue beers, and most of the others you said. I've really been testing the waters this year. One I found that was incredible was Sea Dog Wild Blueberry Wheat Ale. It seriously tastes like a blueberry muffin. I'll have to try and find some Goose Island, but I've never been a fan of black and tan.

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word - 312 is great

i really enjoy sierra nevada pale ale and sierra nevada torpedo

there is a brewery in comstock michigan that is great. Bell's Brewery

bells oberon
bells amber ale
bells two hearted ale
bells winter white

you cant go wrong with bells

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Been havin fun with Bells Hopslam lately. But not too much fun at $17.99/6 pack. Upload

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haha ya man - how could i forget. i enjoy hopslam quite a bit

i do enjoy two hearted but i have had a bad experience with it. new years eve and two hearted put a dart through my hand
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