Pork and Coke.....myth?


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I seen this video today - pretty disturbing. Basically some guys take pork and soak it with coke - only to find out worms/maggots come out couple of hours later. There are several videos of people who tried this.

Anyone know if its true?

I don't eat pork - never did and never will...but maybe something people should know if its true?

Anyone heard of this or tried it?

Heres the video:

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This is the original one I think

[video removed]

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Ok the 2nd vid obviously pokes fun at the experiment lol.

Do I think it's possible? I suppose but it is extremely rare if it happens at all, but........ It takes a fly a small amount of time to lay its' eggs into a food source for the developing maggots. The eggs hatch normally within a day and continue eating its' source for up to 4 days before its' next cycle. Longer in colder temps due to the slowing metabolism. Sooooooo depending on the sanitary conditions of the processing plant and how long it takes that contaminated slice of meat to reach your home.................

Mind you many think this stunt is to show that Coke with pork MAKES maggots, so they are quick to denounce it. I also read somewhere that since the meat was left out for 2 hours that a fly landed on the pork in that time and laid the eggs. The cycle just isn't that fast. If it happened one day for someone to start this circus it had to be from a cut of pork that may have had fly eggs embedded and they indeed survived the packaging and transport to the consumer's home. The acid in the Coke THEORITICALLY drives the maggots out of their host.

An interesting read:

I so much prefer threads like the cereal one however lol.

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i kill my own so i know whats up with it haha
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