Just got my new EPA Cert.


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The Gov has decided that all painting , plumbers, electricians, maintenance ppl in the US need to be certified in safe lead paint practices.

This new law will take effect April 22.
Those who are caught working on lead containing homes with out the cert could face fines up to $37,500.

Seems like a way to make money. There is over 200,000 contracters and painters in the US this will effect.

In short, it was a 10 hour class in safe working practices and clean up procedures when working on a home that contains lead paint. Homes built after 1978 are excempt.

Tha amount of prep, documentation, procedures and clean up are crazy.

btw, anyone into investing, throw some money at poly sheeting companies and also Hepa vac companies. alot of ppl dont know about this yet, so it will be a fiascal when then law comes into play.

My next cert will be an OSHA 10
10 hours of safe working practices.
Again, this Cert will be required by ppl of all trades working on state (thats me) and federal properties.


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environmental protection agency huh? we have to follow osha guidelines as well. mds's in every building and such. got a pretty large hazmat program.

watch out for those green, red or brown tiles!

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MSDS's have been around for over 12 years, and for good reasons...I know some of it is petty, but at least the info is all there for everyone's safety..

Lead paint is a serious issue and many contractors are careless or clueless, about it...knowledge and safety are always a good thing!

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Damn Marc you are really beefing up your arsenal.

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whoops still got some CDC stuff in my head. mds's are for geobase lol.

but yeah that's some good stuff to have acquired Marc.

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I had no choice. I work in state owned properties, So I need to have it.
And we have msds sheets as well for all things we use in a binder.

This new epa rrp cert law is going to change the way contractors work.
I wouldnt be surprised to see home improvement shows doing it in the near future.
The epa really let the ball drop on educating ppl about this new law.
Plus to be in compliant, there is about $1k of new equipment and safty gear to obtain. The HEPA vac is close to $600 alone.

Believe me, you will be hearing alot about this in the near future.
In my contractor talk forum there is like a 50 page thread on it allready.
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