R.I.P. Poco (Poconos)


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May 1998-March 2nd, 2010
He was a good dog. Only bit 9 ppl I know off.
He will be missed.



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Sorry to hear man.

"Only bit 9 ppl I know off" Bahaha

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Damn shame. May he move onto boneless pastures.

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Damn,....that must really suck.

It's strange how dogs always see you as if you were
the coolest dude around.

They believe in you, and no matter what,
will always be your best unconditional friend.

The saddest of it all, is the "little buddies" know when their time has come.

They'll look into your eyes, thank you for the good days
and give you a serene farewell.

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Dogs are cool as $#!#. I wish I could own one. I will someday though. Someday.

And I meant to say Bone-full pastures. Marc knows what I meant.

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Sorry to hear Marc. RIP Poco.

Cute little dog. I remember you posting some pics of him carrying your shoes or slippers around and saying that he always brought them to you whether you wanted them or not. Just wanted to get your attention and respect. Truly man's best friend.

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Last pic says it all.


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Sorry to hear Marc.

I have lost 3 dogs. It takes a piece of you when one passes on.

R.I.P. Poconos!!!

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Hang in there Marc, I know it is tough losing a friend.

R.I.P. Poco

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Thanks guys.
Nice photoshop, Thanks. That must have taken a while.

That was a few weeks ago, I was sick, and he used to lay ontop of the sofa while I slept. He liked it up there.
He got sick over the weekend, took him to the vet monday, Tuesday he was real sick, and the Dr gave my pain meds for him, but he deserved better. To leave him in pain from cancer would have been cruel. I stayed with him till the end. He even tried to bite the vet one last time, lol. It was sad due to the sudden loss, Like one day he was fine, within 4 days he was away.
I still expect him to come running in, then its like , oh yea...
I've accepted it and life carries on. My wife is still torn up.

and lol at the slippers.


Funny dog, He always had to have a teddy in his mouth if he went out. He would carry it out with him, do his thing then carry it back in.

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sorry to hear that marc. must be tough

RIP Poco

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I agree Marc. That is a great photoshop job. Nicely done.

I must admit I didn't notice it at first.

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man, what a downer. the little pooch seems like a smart & caring little fellow. you can see it on those awesome pics.all cuddled up. looks he really loved you alot. man, you must feel terrible for that loss.
anyways thanks for sharing and rip poconos may he be in dog's heaven now.
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