Neodymium Magnets


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Holy sh!t that is brutal... just think how f@#$ing lucky he was that it only caught his fingertip. What if it was his head?

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OMG DUDE ! .....

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haha damn. should have been more careful. having n45s just around the house is a hazard in its self. Walking through the house is a task and you could easily mess up the electronics around you just by walking by.

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not cool ha

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I have a couple of 1" x 2" neodymium cylinder magnets that are just crazy strong. Every time I show them to friends I have to warn them about keeping their fingers away from getting smashed between them. They always kind of act like they can't believe that could happen until they actually hold them and witness the power. Even the 1x2's can crush your fingers or hand when they slam together. The power is just unreal when you first experience it. The size of the magnets this guy had could juice your hand and even crush your arm. When they come together they don't care what is in the way. He is very lucky he wasn't injured even worse than he was. If anyone is interested in buying some, I put the link below. They are very fun to play around with if you use common sense and be careful.

KJ Magnetics

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