Happy thanksgiving!


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happy thanksgiving!

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Indeed!! Just pulled my frozen chopped spinach out the freezer so it can start thawing. I will be making my famous (not really) two cheese spinach bake.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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Have a nice day and meal every one.
I make my own cranberry sauce.
And this year were having just a turkey breast. A full turkey is too much food for just the 2 of us, and wind out throwing a lot of it out.

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It was a good one indeed. The two football games were nothing unexpected though. We all had a great time. Well, except know lol.


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Happy to hear you guys had a good one. My sister made this stuffing with almonds, cashews and filberts and it seriously ruled. My brother always makes the turkey and it came out great as usual. Turns out an old friend I haven't seen in 20 years moved in across from my sisters' house, and he came over and we threw down some cold ones and burned some chron. Good times.

Put a ban on my g/f('s) coming with this year, and that proved to be a very wise choice after I got a call from Vanessa at 7PM and she was already so wasted she couldn't even talk. I didn't understand a word so I hung up


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All in all we had:

Mashed potatoes
Green bean casserole
California vegetable medley (my favorite)
2 cheese spinach bake
Crannberry sauce (or whatever that nasty red crap is)
Pumpkin pie
Apple pie

That was for 8 people, and each dish was probably sized to serve 10-12. It was obscenely excessive. God bless America.

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Crannberry sauce (or whatever that nasty red crap is)

+1 Got no use for cranberries. You gotta use a load of sugar to help you choke them down...

Had a friend's deep fried turkey. Not greasy and good, especially the skin. He put some sort of dry rub on the bird before frying.

I would do it myself except for the fire hazard and oil disposal.
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