Smoking is G@y ! ....


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their slogan & the kids comments = ....

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link fails

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oops : my bad

try this 1 ... s_Gay._Fake_PSA_campaign_that_could_actually_work

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i hate ppl smoke in my truck ugh lol

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only a single response - wtf

i wonder if alot of u on here are smokers & staying away from this thread

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Pretty offensive to hom0sexuals. They're definitely portraying homosexuality as a negative thing that people would want to avoid. Which, truthfully, is probably how most kids today view it. Still unfortunate though.

The campaign would never get its wheels rolling though, because, like I said, it's pretty offensive. Wouldn't matter anyway, smoking will always be something that young people view as edgy and cool. It's bad for your health, your parents probably don't want you doing it, and it's illegal if you're under 18. All the corny anti-cigarette and anti-mar!juana ads make using them that much more appealing to young people IMO.

And for the record, not that it should matter, I'm a non-smoker/heterosexual.

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It's about youth in itself. The young are rebels by nature. The quickest way to get any young mind to do anything is to tell them not to. Compounded by peer pressure it's only a matter of time before they try anything. I remember trying my first cig. I hated it. Never took it up. Mind you I came from a home of two smoking parents.

Be it smoking, underage drinking or even taking your parents car for a spin without a license, it always feels better when you're not allowed right?

To combine/compare a s@xual preference and an addiction is not quite the same. Some will argue that one is a choice and the other isn't. After all, how can you be addicted to something you've never tried?

Personally I don't favor, endorse, condone, promote, encourage or practice either of the two acts in the ad but they shouldn't be paired together.

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its still funny stuff though

u can use this same slogan for other things too such as :::::::

"drunk driving is g@y"

"alcohol is g@y"

"listening to miley cyrus is g@y"

hey even this : "jaywalking is g@y"


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Lol that shits funny as fu<k
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