H.I.D. high/low beam relay


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No, I do not have projectors retro fitted just stock, OEM, Nissan frontier headlights. I need no flaming of the sort. Leave it out of the thread...

I just upgraded my single beam HIDs to high/lows last night and I have a little problem. The high beam from my stock harness sends out a low amount of voltage whenever the headlights are on low or high, according to the DMM, which is triggering my high beams to stay on at all times while the plug is connected.
I can run just my lows if I unplug the harness that triggers the magnet/relay for my high beams but then I cannot run high beams. I cut the harness and hard wired the high beams on a switch just to make sure the HID kit worked fine, and it does. Switch the power on and high beams, off and back to lows...
I dont want to have a rocker swich on my dash for my high beams but I want to be able to use them when Im on back roads (where I drive 95% of the time).
Anyone have a solution? If I wire up another relay, straight from the factory wiring to the headlight, bypassing the ballast, it would act the same because of the constant voltage from the OEM wiring... Im lost.

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Andrew Capps, NC US

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I had a flashlight stop working once even though the batteries were like brand new. I had to remove the cover from the battery compartment, and wiggle them around a little. Flashlight worked fine after that.

Hope this helps, good luck.

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sorry no help to ur thread capps but, im thinking of getting some hid lights but there's seems to be all kinds of brands and fakes, what brand are real and last long? thinking of getting 8000k light blue color any suggestions? thanks.

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That's what I run and the only unsolvable problem I have had was high beams not running without me having to do some re-wiring. Ive ran them for over 2 years and the only thing that happened was a ballast blew and they shipped me a new one for free, very quick.

IMO, I wouldn't run anything over 6000k (I run 4300k), it just looks way too tacky and defeats the purpose of H.I.D.s. The bluer the color, the less light output you will get. I ran 10000k for about 6 months and had to get rid of them but its your car and your choice.

Only thing I will say is to make sure you adjust your headlights once putting them in. Nothing pisses me off worse than passing guys with H.I.D.s that didn't take the time to adjust the headlights down and over a little.

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Lmao Pit!

Sorry I can't be of any help tho. I'm when it comes to wiring sh1t.
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