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Hey Brad can you E-mail me. stavenmist316 @

I need a key for something and I'm having a little trouble finding it.

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We should just make a stickey for Brad questions.

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The chimp they have overseeing this forum isn't trained well enough to add stickies.

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email sent

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Brad, is it worth buying a legit copy of windows xp? If so which one? sp2 or sp3. Because I got a copy of xp sp1 and every computer I install it on it has problems such as drivers don't work properly etc. I don't want to buy a legit copy of xp pro bc I heard you can only install it on a couple of computers etc. So enlighten me.

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Get 7:

Windows 7 is the result of two years of Microshaft tweaking all the bugs out of Vista, and then adding a few things. They also changed the base code so that it shouldn't have any more problems with hardware incompatibility. Almost all reviews around the net say it is really good.

You can install your copy on up to three computers, but there were only like 15 keys that were used, total, for the thousands of people who Beta tested this. That means that the serial keys aren't unique, and you should be able to install it as many times as you want with no issues. 7 will also run much faster on medium range computers.

Bottom line is that Vista was such an utter failure that MS has now stripped away some of the security features on 7, and it is seeming more and more that they don't care how someone gets it as long as alot of people are using it and they can announce it as a success.
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