Cable filters and if anyone has used one before?


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Cable filters and if anyone has used one before?

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Just finished reading some threads/posts so I decided to go ahead and post my experience. Just a little over 8 months ago now, literally the day before my second daughter was delivered, my oldest boy came into my office/dining room (no jokes please) with a grin like the Grinch on his face. He wanted me to buy one of those digital filters. He always has me paying $50 for his wrestling WWF stuff and I've also been known to watch a good boxing match every once in a while. Long story short, I got one of those cable filters for my Motorola DVR box in the living room WITHOUT, telling the kids or the old lady ;). I still make the kids ask to order stuff but when the bill comes there's no sign of anything, heh. Every month I squeeze about 30 PPV's out of it without having to clear the memory on the box. If I only order like 20-25 ppvs in a month, then I don't need to clear the box because it clears on its own every 30 days. I figured if it didn't work I'd just get my money back since they have like a year guarantee or somethin like that (had to check my bookmarks www.cableboxfilters.kom).

BTW, does anyone know what the Cablecard slot does?. I've never seen anyone who used theirs and I don't understand what it would be used for. Is it for the cable guy when it's being installed or something?

Thanks and God bless!

L. MacArthur

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that was a nice story. lol.

good job you piece of sh!t spammer. i hope you and your family choke on your fucked up cable filters.

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Why do they always end their message with "God bless!!"??????

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who knows paul. lol. but i gotta admit he did write a decent story. i actually enjoyed reading it lol.

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It's not wwf anymore you dumbass. It's wwe. It's been wwe since like 2001...

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hahahaha. We gotta get this forum back up on its feet you guys.

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"good job you piece of sh!t spammer. i hope you and your family choke on your fucked up cable filters."


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Spammer. This guy has posted the same two messages on every forum he can find under two different names.

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If it really works on all cable systems, and saves ya a bunch of money...then I'm all for them spammers...and i'll buy a bunch hate paying for TV, thats what all them agonizing annoying commercials are for!

chad..yer funny..."choke on them filters"...rotf
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