Emergency session of Supreme court determines Obama not born in USA


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AP WIRE....Special session of Supreme Court met in secret over the weekend to review new documentation that shows Obama to be a US citizen but that he was indeed born in Indonesia and not Hawaii.

BREAKING NEWS.....Barack Obama born in Indonesia, special panel of Supreme Court finds that he is not eligible to be President. All his appointments etc are invalid. The stimulus money he aquired is considered to be stolen. Obama given 2 choices sources say. Remain in USA and face charges civil and criminal that could see him dying in a US prison, or take his entire family along with Rev Wright, and return to his homeland of Indonesia.

He is only aloud to leave with what they personally own at the White House, The house and property in Chicago will be turned over to the State as repayment for some of the stimilus.

Joe Biden will be returning to Delaware as Obama never had the authority to appoint anyone. Sortamayor will not be sitting on the Supreme court for same reason.Unclear still about General Motors? President McCain and VP Sarah Palin will address all these issues as soon as they are sworn in , in the coming days. Inaugeration plans are in the works as we speak.

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Say what?

I heard they in fact PROVED he was born in the US.


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Barack Hussein Obama

I have heard that he became President to get off of the "No Fly List"

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Wouldn't surprise me if he wasn't born here. Whole thing seems a bit shaddy to me.

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Don't believe everything you see/read on the internet.

It's a controlled medium now. (As much as chaos can be that is.)
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