Apple TV....Anyone use it?


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Just came back from my buddies house and he was showing my his HT/Home set up. This guy has a mad set up. He has little keypad things built into the wall to controll everything from anywhere. His basement racks house all the audio/video gear and is connected to the keypad or remote thru infered transmitters. Very cool set up. also had a projector to make a idk, 8'x6' "screen" Has a 20" tv in the bathroom too, Why? idk, but its wired in as well to Apple tv.

So anyway, Its like comcast on-demand i guess, but didnt get to see too much of it in action. It had a 160gig hard drive to store movies/audio/pics. Seems pretty cool.

Anyone else use it?

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Nope. Wish I were as well off.

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"20" in bathroom"...always wanted to do that lol
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