Michael Jackson Dies


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I wonder what he choked on?


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^dude thats uncalled for especially when some1 dies

was seeing his pic on the tv but i was far from it so i didnt know but i just saw it online .....WTF !

i cant believe it - 50yrs & the man suddenly dies ......Sad

best pop singer of all time - cannot be replaced .......R.I.P

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He is your hero or something?

The guy was a mess and a burden on society. There is no loss there.

He should have been executed for his crimes. Now he dies on his own and you are going to take offense of my commentary?

He is not SUDDENLY DEAD he had the most Public lifestyle of any celebrity. You must think everyone should live the way he did.

Another Cultural Icon that can't conform to society. A freak that gets away with breaking the law because he had some money.

He cannot get away with his sins.

"Kill them all and let God sort them out"

What a shame.

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im not going to waste my time

he was famous for his music contribution & when ppl die as a human u feel something

thats all im saying ...

R.I.P also to actress farrah fawcett who also passed away today from cancer ....

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But the rest of the country are going to waste OUR time. There will be millions using their "Personal Days" taking away from production and their responsibilities to watch the news and go to vigils. For FREAK that has no problem taking $80 per ticket to concerts in the most depressed cities of the country. Filing bankruptcy with his 100 acre private amusement park, and his pet monkeys and Elephant man bones, sleeping in oxygen tanks and showing up in court in pajamas. And the Faag inseminated his maid to breed 3 more like him.

Death is too good for him.

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Wow, For someone who hates him, you spent alot of time researching his personal life.

I actual liked his music, and didnt know half of those facts, or fictions, depending on your view.


I will say this, He put on the best concert I ever saw.

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She will be missed.

Don't forget Ed Mcmahon.

There will be differing opinions about Mr. Jackson's passing but I myself liked his early career in his music contributions. How he carried himself off the stage in the last quarter of his existence is certainly one of controversy.

Sam Kinison, Chris Farley, John Belushi, Heath Ledger, River Phoenix, John Candy, and even Marilyn Monroe.......all died young.

Live a life of fame for 50 years or less or trade it for 30 more like you and I.

This ones gonna be tricky.

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All tragic in my opinion. These people made you feel like you knew them, Knew what they were thinking. Their performances became my memories of my life.

History will show. Beginning with JC "All of the genius' are taken too soon"

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R.I.P. MJ. Tragic death of a man tragically tormented by personal demons.

On a side note, I'm beginning to think Ricos impostors were doing him a favor making posts pretending to be him... their posts were far more reasonable.

The guy just died, and you actually think it's okay to say "death is too good for him"? Because he lived a lifestyle that virtually all celebrities live to varying degrees? Because people attempted to extort him and charge him with crimes that he was ACQUITTED OF?

I question whether or not you're even capable of thinking for yourself, or if you just echo the opinion of the leader of whatever cult it is that you're in.

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Because he lived a lifestyle that virtually all celebrities live to varying degrees?

If you say nothing, you must find that lifestyle acceptable.

Kill them all and let God sort them out.
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