Anyone have any VHS to DVD video software Discussion links?


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The Best VHS to DVD software? / Future HD Editing

I have an old 1997 JVC Analog Camcorder and about fifty VHS-C tapes I would like to copy, edit, burn, so my family can view these on their own CD or DVD disk players. I realize this would be all real time editing. I might even invest in another 500GB WD External HD, or one Terabyte (1000GB) because my present HD is half full, and I will need lots of video storage.
That's Old technology, and I am thinking for the future, to get a onboard Hard Drive High Definition Video camera, so I wanted to know if I would have to purchase tow separate software items.
1) For backing up old VHS tapes to disks, and 2) To burn HD 1080i or 1080p HD to DVD to play on the HDTV display. (I don't know if people are even using regular CD's for this, or only DVD'S...and not all my friends even have a bluRay player, and certainly don't have a Blu-Ray burner on my computer...yet)
I also have Nero Ultra7, which I burn audio mp3's to cda/wav files, so I need to know if all I need is a video capture card to use with Nero, and forget about buying anything else except the HD Video editing software.
Since I already have the Nero7, I don't want to buy anything that would conflict with the Nero, like maybe the ROXIO VHS to DVD. I was told by someone at Fry's electronics, that I would first have to remove the Nero to install the Roxio. He also told me that Tape like Mini-DV is always better for editing that the new Hard Drive Video cameras.
I was also looking at the following software and wondered if anyone has used them:
MAGIX's "Rescue Your Video",
MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 14 plus..
(maybe for the HD editing, when I decide on a camera)
Or PINNACLE STUDIO PLUS v.12 software.

As you may have guessed, I am totally confused on these issues. When I do burn the files, what format? MPEG2,.MOV, AVI?
I would like to be able to edit by fading in/out the snowy, bad areas of the old camcorder tapes and maybe even add mp3 music as background for the non-voice areas of the VHS. (not a biggie)
I'd hate to think that on the Mini-DV, this is better suited to easier edit tape than the newer built in hard drive cameras. To me, it's like stepping back a few steps in technology than going forward, I just don't know.
Thanks tons!

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Hi Bozobyte.have you looked at TMPGEnc 4.0 XPress for your editing and burning.burn the files as AVI seeing that most dvd player's have no prob playing this format all the movie's that i do are avi or XviD not to much betwen the 2 or give Magic Video Converter a shot.if you need any thing COME VISIT US AT ASSASIN-TORRENTS.CO.UK

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Ozz, where ya been?

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lol hey bro hideing lol but i am back i hope

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here is one more End-to-end HD support - capture, author and burn AVCHD and Blu-ray discs
Corel DVD Movie Factory Pro v7.00
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