Yea ok so... story time... (Graphic)


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well about 10 min ago my wife and I tried to do the matters mumbo and yea started our normal she was on top and then i slid it down her chest and she giggled and her belly button in pierced... and there was an open ring on it and it got caught in my urethra and when she giggled it pulled and hurt her... so she pulled harder ad i got like a 3mm tare in my... yea... that hurt LOL

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lmfao hahahahahahahahaahhaha

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I don't even know what to that sucks bro. Makes good conversation though.

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Your doing it wrong

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The belly button is NOT one of the 3 holes I typically aim for...

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^^^it's a place to put your gum on the way down.

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Lmao. Wow that's funny

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yea so i had to tell my SSgt about this... I'm on light duty for 2 weeks and no s3x for a month...

light duty for this means i can't stand for long periods of time, i can't stand in formation, i can't run, lift weights, pretty much if it involves moving, i can't do it... so im going to be a blob for 2 weeks...
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