Off to work...or so you thought


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Well, I am kinda bored at work so I will attempt to get a cool ot thread going.

Remember that day you were heading out the door, about to leave, and sh!t you forgot something or to do something... Thats it. Any stories you got, post them up. THe funnier the better. Here's mine and yes this actually happened, Monday to be exact.

There I was just finishing up getting ready for work so I grab my keys, wallet, phone, and lunch. Yes, I take my own lunch. Whatever, I am about to leave when I remember I forgot to pack a Lipton Tea so then I have to go back grab it and I lock the door on my way out. Now, I take the cover off my car sitting in the drive way and I go to open the door but can find my keys. Okay, my first thought was, sh!t I must have left them in the house. Only problem is I locked the door. So i say f@ck it and just jump in through my room window. I start looking for the keys but cant find them for. Its been about 10 minutes and now I am late and fed up. So i head outside to see if I drop them by any chance and no luck but As I am getting up from looking under the car( yeah I checked there too), I see a reflection and sure enough it my stupid keys sitting in the side pocket of my lunch pail/box. I felt like such a dum@ss. So i run back, close the door, get in and ride. When I get to work my "boss" asked me why I was late. For a quick second I thought about just telling him a lie, you know something like,"I overslept." I decide against that and just tell him the truth," I forgot where I left my keys..." So he looks at me like i'm a ret@rd from space and just says if it happens again he is gonna tape them to my forehead.

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tru story today...i forgot to take a sh!t in the morning and now i have a headache :-(

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I was LEAVING work the other night and realsized I had locked my keys in my truck. Its 2 a.m. and I have a bunch of stuff in my truck to break in, in my toolbox... Too bad it was locked and the key to it is in my truck. Well my friend works 7p-7a and he has a UWS toolbox and his key works for my toolbox so I met him on a break to get his key. We get back to my truck and open the toolbox and grab a wedge and some stuff to pull the lock open.... It was 3:30ish and we were tired and couldnt, for the life of us, do it.
I started digging in my toolbox for something else after 30 mins of poking around in my truck and I stubled across a spare truck key on the VERY TOP of my tool box about 6" from where we were standing, trying to break in. I felt so dumb.

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"It was 3:30ish and we were tired and couldnt, for the life of us, do it."

....woah buddy ahaha

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Waking up late, scrambling to catch up, skipping breakfast, ditching brushing the teeth just to get out the door.........and then you wake up from your dream. It's an hour before your alarm is to go off so you TRY to fall back asleep but can't. An hour of tossing and turning and FINALLY you drift off...........then the alarm goes off a minute later! SUCKS HARRY DINGLE BERRIES!!!!

Got half way to work one day before the lack of traffic dawns the fact that it was Saturday. SUCKS HARRY DINGLE BERRIES!!!

I'm with ya Skullz. That morning BM is vital to my happiness.

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You said it Paul. "SUCKS HARRY DINGLE BERRIES!!!"-That is the funniest sh!t i have read in a while. lol!

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lol paul those are perfect i had work dreams the most though

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Crazy stuff always seems to happen when you need it least. Today I actually left a bit later than usual and got to work earlier??? Caught less traffic lights or something

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In my job, I cant be late. I get there when I get there, and leave when I leave.
Being salary, as long as you put in the time, theres no set hours. I dont have to go anywhere to clock in or out. I leave from home and travel to diffrent places daily.
But bascily, I leave around 7 and get home by 3-5 depending.

In keeping with the title theme.
Ive had car issues that prevented my from leaving. Such as not starting, flats.
Ive also had to come back to Slim Jim my wifes Magnum, due to her locking it while running to clean the windshield.
Nothing epic or even a tread worthy adventure.

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one day when i was coming home everything was the same, locked the car, unlocked the door got in the house, my wife made dinner, and we went to sleep... the next morning woke up at 3:30 AM spent 20 min looking for the keys, with my job i can't be late... like really i can get in BIG trouble... so im about to sh1t a brick because i like 30 min away from base and i need to be there by 430 i open the front door and there they are.. chillen in th door knob.. all night now that day sucked
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