Aviator pics


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Snapped some pics on the Iphone of the black beauty.


Four big problems with everything...

1. They broke the dash to steal the Eclipse NAV which also broke part of the air condition lines.

2. No door panels... obviously...

3. When they ripped the panels off (yes ripped, it broke almost every snap) they had to cut the wires that control the locks, mirrors, and windows. Apparently this is a complete b!tch to fix.

4. They ripped the A pillars out to steal the fiberglassed tweets and popped the snaps off.

Quotes by 2 Lincoln dealerships to fix everything back to stock...

1. ~$8,250 including labor.
2. "We dont feel we could return the car to its stock position or even to a point we would feel comfortable giving it back to you."

So pretty much im trading it to the dealership, there sending it off to Lincoln and im getting a check for the difference from my insurance. Then buying a new car in the next month or so.

Talk about pain in the as s.


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That sucks man. Did they find the guys that did it?

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That sucks Jake, sorry to hear. My sister went to ASU, she lives back in Chicago now, but still it was probably her.

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Nah they didnt Andrew.

Pit, it happened in St. Louis.

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So easy to take and destroy. It's a damn shame it pays though. Must be painful to look at.

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Damn that sucks! What are you getting to replace it?

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just set the truck on fire and run it into your local St. Louis project building :-)......


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that sucks bad - there was so much time invested in that car - that was a sick avi

glad to hear things somewhat worked out - im sure you will make the next car just as nasty as this one

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Collect the insurance money, buy the car back and fix it yourself.... if you can work on a car you can DIY fix most of that for under 1k if you take the time to find cheaper aftermarket parts..... maybe 2k if you can't get cheap parts..... only real problem I see there is the dash.

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man that goes to suck sorry to hear that M.S has a good point.
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