Virus' and crap on my computer


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So I apparently have a trojan on my computer and I was wondering if there was any free stuff I can get to rid my computer of all this A.S.A.P.

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The damage is already done. Take this chance to look at as much p0rn as you can before your computer is completely irreparable.

j/k, I dunno... bump :-(

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Spybot, ad-aware, AVG are my standard trio of tools for cleaning machines.... unless you can figure out exactly what virus you have and find a specific program to remove it.

If none of that works, it usually becomes more economical to back up data and reinstall windows.

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if Spybot, ad-aware, AVG dont touch it, then you may need to do a reformatt.
Can you do a restore and run software from there?

Sometimes the virus will have a pop up telling you where to go to get the If its that one, your screwed.

I had one a while back. I had to reformatt.
couldnt connect online, couldnt run software, couldnt transfer files,no drag and drop. I lost a lot of things i had on the pc, music, pics, software.
Also I had to dl and reinstall all my drivers. Pita...
Luckily i had the windows disk with the keygen to reinstall it.

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There are so many losers in parent's basements thinking this sh1t up all the time. Makes you wonder how many of them are secretly employed by anti virus software companies generating customers.

They really need to do shots of drayno if you ask me.

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There are so many losers in parent's basements thinking this sh1t up all the time.

Not exactly true. Many of the creators are some of the best programmers you will find. Most do it just for the challenge out of boredom.

It is sometimes scary to think of just what the human mind is capable of...

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Right! There's a market for those programmers that develop these viruses. Be it hackers or employees of said anti-virus software companies. It all brings in the same $$$.

Not saying everyone living in their parent's basement is out to no good but you simply can't trust every warning you get stating "you have been infected, click here to remove".

It's a trojan billboard in short.

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idk if u can get a hold of it but just a few of what we use at work is kaspersky scans, trend mircro and webroot, i have some powerful tools from work but they can take over night and are in size up to like 4 gigs so not easy to just send to you. or back ur stuff up and just restore the pc.
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