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So, as you all know I work at a little audio shop. We are the little guys here in town and this will be our first commercial.

This whole town rides Kicker and Memphis cawk...and everyone has there chit 'bridged out', lol. I had a guy come in this morning looking for a 'portable' box So, its sad but we have to play to the public's ignorance.

We sell Pioneer, PB, Clarion, Xscorpion (wire) and DD mainly. DD being our big push brand. We are the only shop locally that competes in and hosts SPL comps...and apparently the only 'real' shop that sell both new and used 12v audio. (Pawn/Audio Shop)

So, what do you say guys?
Wanna help me out???

Throw some ideas at me.
We plan to advertise on both the local rap and rock stations.

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All people here want to hear that their stuff is gonna SLAP. They will feel reassured if you tell and guarantee them that you design/install THE loudest stuff in town.

You got to think like a gangster, to attract them.

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i say dog on kicker, tell ppl that when they're ready to be a big boy and step from kicker and hang with the real men come see ya'll. tell them they'll be so loud cops in the next town will come after them lol.

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let em kno king kong will come out of the trunk

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Get a famous rapper to endorse your shop. :-)
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