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My brother wrote this a while back and I thought it was interesting. What do you guys think?


What is originality? From my perspective it's something that's never been done, said, seen, thought, or just simply hasn't been. It is something rarely seen in people nowadays. Why do we do the things we do? Because those before us have done these things. Maybe we're just trying to get by and be like the billions of others. But where will we ever get by doing that? Right where we are now: stuck on this little dying planet killing each other day after day. And why do we kill each other? If you look back at every conflict in history, they're all based on what one side thinks is better, right, or just. How could any one person actually know? One must realize that the basis, the foundation for any conflict is the mindset or beliefs of an individual or individuals. Tranquilize your beliefs and opinions and conflict will cease to exist. Then the notion of peace suddenly becomes attainable.

Everybody is like everybody. Nobody is original anymore. We've all seen the teen movies that stress the signifigance of one preppy girls' relations, the insignificance of the unpopular geek, and the ambition of the jock-stuffed football team. In order to now fit in with the billions, an individual must be part of a certain class of people. And then another group within that class. And then another. And another. It never ends. This spiral of infinite monotonousness will never end unless we start changing our mindsets. We've buried ourselves in such a deep hole that we've lost our sense of what it means to be original.

Look at high school for example. It consists of some of the deepest sunken groups of people today. Where do I begin? There's the group of good-looking guys who play all the sports decently and wear preppy clothing and have the hottest girls, otherwise known as the jocks. There's the really pretty preppy girls who care only about how they look in the public and need to have the boyfriend with an expensive car and a big dick, otherwise known as the preppy slutz. There's the weird people who dress in black and chains and have long black hair over their eyes, who dream of their day of attention and revenge, otherwise known as the goths/emos. There's the people who are mocked for knowing too much, reading too many books, having bad clothing style, and playing too many video games, otherwise known as the nerds/geeks. There's the group of guys who have long hair, smoke pot, wear band shirts and jeans up to their waists, otherwise known as the rocker dudes. I could go on for far too long labeling these types of people. These are my personal labels, I'm not trying to mock these groups at all, i'm just stating the obvious. This is how we'd see ourselves if we had a third person view. Should we be proud of that? Once we stop classifying ourselves, then the hole we're in won't be so deep.

But how do we do that? Somehow or someway the minds of every human being must be tranquilized or altered. In order for that to happen, 1) time needs to basically stop, 2) a medicine must be created, 3) or a worldwide catastrophic or extraordinary event must transpire. The most unlikely would be time stopping, obviously, because it would kill the problem instead of fixing it. Unless there is some kind of gaseous medicine to pollute the entire earth, then the second option becomes likely. Every new baby that's born could not possible be injected with a mind-altering substance, though. But it's almost impossible for the world to try and fix its own problems when every single person on earth is at war with the rest of the world. We would need far better technology in order for there to be a medical solution. The third point is the most likely of the three. Such an event could include a comet striking the earth, an alien invasion, a global spreading disease, or the beginning of the next ice age. I don't consider global warming to be a solution because people aren't amitious enough to care about the earth, and if it was a solution it would be too long term. Some of these catastrophic events would wipe out so much of the human race that hopefully only few would remain to make a brand new start. The children will not know what happened before their time. The comet would flood the earth and cause massive destruction. A disease would be a decent solution, but it we would only be hopeful for it to end with few left on the planet. An ice age is difficult to predict, as are the others. It could wipe out half the earth, but its just too unpredictable to say. It's a earthly changing event though. The alien invasion is the most unpredictable because who's to say what they would do. Hollywood predicts the aliens will come here to kill us away. But listening to Hollywood is not to reliable, obviously. Who really knows? It's kind of like the end of a video game: you beat the master, the credits roll, and then you start over. The only difference is the reset button and the plug inside the outlet. The new children will start over hopefully for us. We need a new beginning.

With a new start people will have new thoughts, new ideas, etc. They will be forced to be original. Being different and being original are two separtate things, believe it or not. Being different is an idea that's locked inside the world we know. The limits aren't stretched from our modern panorama. Originality is looking outside this world and beyond anything we've ever known. Think about it. Once one realizes and understands the difference between the two, then the concept of "global diminishing originality" becomes abundantly clear.

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in not gonna lie...i am being too lazy right now to read all that. lol

i'll read it later and i'll let ya know bro. :-)

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lol alright.

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^^^A good read man. Your brother makes some very intresting points.

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im with muddy - i only read the 1st paragraph ...

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Damn you guys are lazy. It takes 5 minutes to read. lol

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Very good read Steve. Your brother is a pretty damn good writer bud. He brings up some very interesting points.

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Lol. Look. I've been through all that. The stereotyping and labeling that comes with the young mind. Experience teaches you to NOT judge a book by its' cover. As in life. Sure I wanted to bang the hottest cheerleader in my high school. Who didn't?

You know where she is today? Overweight and a single mom. Karma sucks, but does it?

Personally, in life, I'd rather be the one hiding in the tall grass quietly waiting to make my kill when the time is right.

The ones who live off the attention they get often find themselves begging for it later in their life.

It's not always a paradise.

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Most of the popular/preppy group that graduated with me has gone to college and gotten into heavy drugs.
I know 7 people, that were together in HS, that have been kicked outta college for drugs. One guy was stupid enough to lose a full ride to Campbell, from Chick-fil-a, where he got free Chick-fil-a every day because he was smoking a blunt in his dorm room.

Sorry for going a little off topic but that was in response to pauls post
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