Why would they let this go on =/


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I compensate...

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You'd think after the first...

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A pic is worth 1000 posts!!

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I'd venture to say at least 10% of all race fans watch for just that.

That's why I like figure skating. Not to watch them nail a triple lutz but when they fail at it.

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and the female figure skating wardrobe malfunctions

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uyy uyy uyy uyy!! haha

well i mean they do know the corner is there... has to be part of the navigators fault

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i can't stop laffin for some reason

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its a case of monkey see monkey do. you would think after the first couple of cars, the others would know about it.

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i guess they forgot the basics of racing, friction used for stopping cant be used for turning, basically break first, i liked the nascar flip the yellow car did

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its alright mayte...they know what they're doin. or they wouldnt have filmed it all day. lol
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