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Got this idea for a thread last night. You can copy and paste my list for the titles and then place your text in after you delete mine. Dunno if it will fly but here goes:

First kiss: Some hot girl from my middle school when I was 13. I can't remember her name but she was the one who taught me how to kiss.

First sex: Debbie Black when I was 11. I stayed at my friends house and his cousin's friend was over, and we both took turns banging her. I was so embarrassed to see her the next day on the school bus. I didn't even want to look at her or talk to her. I felt so dirty and ashamed. It took me almost 4 years to get over it until....

First "real" sex: Donna Crawford when I was 15. I was in a very popular metal band in high school and we could get pretty much any stoner or groupie chicks we wanted, but as always, I set my sights high and went for the hottest "it" girl in school. I asked her out and she turned me down. Asked her again a few weeks later and she said no again. I was crushed. But then one night, we were playing a party and I had a mic behind my drums for backup vocals and I saw her walk up and stand in front of the stage. I said "Hi Donna" in the mic and her eyes lit up. After the party she came up to me and said "I am all yours now". So I took her home and banged the bejeezus out of her in my room. Was amazing because I never thought I would ever nail the hottest and most popular girl in school. It was one of those "I can't even believe I am doing this to her" moments. My first true love. Dated her all through school and then she left to college back East. Never saw or talked to her again.

First oral (giving): Donna Crawford. Back then, girls didn't shave like they do now, and she had a raging untrimmed bush. When I went down on her I was grossed out by all the hair in my mouth. Never did it again to her or anyone else for a couple years.

First oral (receiving): I don't even remember this one as hard as I try to think. Maybe it was some ho at a party.

First 69: Heather Lehman. It was amazing, but she stopped me halfway through saying she couldn't concentrate on what she was doing. We did it a few more times after that

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First kiss: some chick from junior high school don't remember her name.

First sex:
First "real" sex:
First oral (giving):
First oral (receiving):
First 69:

All with the same girl..... in the same night lol.

Not gonna tell ya at what age cause it embarrasses me. lol.

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Video games don't count M.S.

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damm, MS got GTA with the "Hot Chocolate scene" mod?

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fukking up a good thread FTL..... epic failures

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First kiss: Patricia Rizzo. EXTREMELY Italian. We were 14?

First sex: Amanda Wittle. My neighbor to our rear. 16. First run in with booze also.

First real sex: Christy Coulsher. Kentucky born and bred. 6 years my senior. Taught me quite a few things. 18, she was 24.

First oral giving: Same girl. Nothing outstanding here.

First oral receiving: Same girl again. Like I said, she showed me things lol. Like what ice does when you......

First 69: Don't remember the name or age exactly. All I know is it was with my best friend's girfriend's best friend. Late teens? Cheers was on.

Brad. You had sex before your first kiss????


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Yes Paul. We just humped her. At that age you dont really want to kiss anyone I guess. And word to MS, I guess those two have no stories to tell...

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lol pretty much all of mine come from the same girl around the age of 17 lol

minus the kissing couldnt tellu when that happened to tell u the truth.

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well i can say the first time i've seen real "g" cups in person and fondled them was last night. they might not have been "g", shoulda checked her bra... but i'll be damned if they weren't at least "dd's". you just can't pass up on opportunities like that lol. f*cking massive. they weren't the drop down half her stomach type either, which was even more amazing. i will contribute the other content when i get back from work. it's gonna be a rough night... :/

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First kiss: It was in elementary school. Me and my friend were competing for a girl and we both ended up making out with her the same day and decided that was good enough for us.

First sex: I was 16 and had been dating Christina Winstead for about a year. Her dad was single and drove an 18 wheeler and her sister lived in Maryland with her mom so her dad was gone 3 days a week and it just kinda happened one day. It was pretty awesome.

First "real" sex: See above. Me and her were in love and it was both of our firsts. We ended up dating almost 4 years.

First oral (giving): Wasnt anything special b/c I dont really remember it. I know it was with Christina though.

First oral (receiving): About 3-4 weeks before the first time we had sex. We were drinking at her place with a few other friends and the other girls were talking about BJs and shed never done it so when people started breaking off into groups, she pulled me into the bathroom and had a go at it.

First 69: I know it was with Christina but thats about all I remember there too.

Just because I think this is funny, the first time I EVER got off I was laying in my bed watching Howard Stern. I had no idea what I was doing and I was trying to push it out of me. I thought I was gonna piss on myself before I got off...

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My first time getting off was in chat when a regular on here made a fake screen name pretending to be a girl. I didn't know it until after, though.

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haha. Who was it?

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" well i can say the first time i've seen real "g" cups in person and fondled them was last night. "

I have seen and fondled H's..... the girl i've been tryin to get since last semester actually..... biggest tits on campus. lol.

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G cups....ugh. lol

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First kiss: dont remember.

First sex: 14 drunk at a party and a fat asian chik raped me

First "real" sex: umh 17 lol christina schiflet

First oral (giving): above, grossed me

First oral (receiving): above lol but didnt gross me out

First 69: never done it

note i became a manwhore at 19 getting back from iraq, just remember wrap it up guys, warts are hard to get rid off and expensive

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Don't know if i should share some of this since i went to the same high school as some of the other guys on here, but here it goes...

First kiss: Bridgett Gudeman in the 6th grade after art class

First sex: 1st attempt when i was 16 with Erica Burnham, did really count cause i had no idea what i was doing and almost broke my D trying to get things goin haha

First "real" sex: Cory Thomas when i was 17 in my buddies bathroom while everyone was in the next room

First oral (giving): Kelsy Brown when i was 16... really didnt have any idea what i was doing

First oral (receiving): This girlmy buddies and i met while we were camping with our parents for labor day one year. I was 13 or 14.. we all took turns with her while our parents were gone but they came back and caught my friend.. it was really embarrassing cause we were all in the room and it was in the middle of the day lol

First 69: Not a huge fan of that one but it was either Kelsy Brown or Erica Burnham.. can't really remember
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