Perfect Price is Right Showcase Bid


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First time in 30 years somebody nailed it.

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That was one lucky guess.

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^^^Very lucky guess.

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apparently he got the bid from an audience member who was a die hard fan and goes to many shows, who memorized most of the prices haha. they sat in review for 30 min after the bids were placed, which was why Drew wasn't all that excited anymore (supposedly)

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that is so crazy

i would love to be on that show - i used to watch it every day on my break between high schools

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is that drew carey?

talk about a new low drew

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Yea, Drew Carey has been the host of The Price Is Right for quite some time now, Bob Barker finally retired.

Also, I like how that lady raised her arms as if victorious and was kinda like "Wow, beat that" as she looked right at the other contestant and was super excited, she thought she had it in the bag haha. She definitely got owned.

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You rarely, if ever, see anyone lose who got as close as that ni... ummm, colored woman. Wow, was she robbed. Great thread Eric.

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God I always loved those showcase girls. Even as a kid.
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