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Ok guys, I am need of some advice on some suspension upgrades (mainly just the rear suspension). Between subs, box, bats, etc. the back of my car is really sagging and has been for a while. I just want to get the rear back up to stock ride height, around 2"-2 ½" higher than it is now. What spurred me to hurry up with this is not even an hour ago I got stuck on (are you ready for this???) A speed bump, yes a friggin' speed bump. Granted there were 5 people in the car that aren't small. Still, looking to get the car back to stock ride height. Having to ask everybody to get out so I can back up off a speed bump was very embarrassing.

Car is a 1995 Accord. Here is a pic. It doesn't look that bad but when the car is loaded with 4-5 people there is only about 1/2" of space between tire and fender.

Looking for any suggestions about how to go about this and where to look for the parts to do this.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.


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I believe that car uses coil springs.

So the ONLY way to properly increase suspension payload is to put in bigger springs. As soon as someone tells you can do it with shocks take that as a warning they no nothing about cars.

And remember if you put bigger springs in and then take all that weight out the back end will ride high.

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Alright thanks man. That's kinda what I was thinkin'. I had a friend suggest adjustable coilovers and instead of turning them down to lower a car like most people do, turning them up to raise the car. That and some upgraded shocks to help control all that extra weight. Sounds like it should work in theory but again I've never really messed with suspension that much (other than my truck, which leaf springs are pretty simple anyways!)

Thanks again man.
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