Dog having fun in Deep Snow


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I know this is old but still good The dog is having a blast in very deep snow

at times reminds me of bugs bunny tunneling through the ground

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That's awesome lol. You can tell the dog is stoked by the way he wags his tail when he breaks through the bank and I swear you can see him smiling. Of course all he wants is whatever the guy is throwing, but it's a fun game for him. We'll have to consult Pit on this, but I think that dogs have different skin (not to mention their coat) than us, and it sort of wicks away the cold? I know they can get frostbite like us in some areas. If I remember right the worst thing for a dog in the cold is the bottom of their paws because they dry out and start cracking. They don't have specialized paws like wolves do.

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THAT was awesome!!! I'm from western PA and have snow in my blood. I don't know how anyone enjoys Christmas or winter without snow. Great choice is music also lol. I love Harry Connick Jr.

The dog jumping out from the snow 3/4 of the way through the vid is priceless!!!

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Thats awesome. If only we could all be that excited over something so simple.

Paul, I completely agree with the snow comment. I hate going to Florida for Christmas or Thanksgiving cause its just not the same wearing shorts and a tee shirt.

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Actually Brad i think that dog is a catahoula leopard hound(or bears a strong resemblance to one) which don't have any type of special coats. Only odd thing would be thier webbed feet.
Either way that dog is having fun. Reminds me of the first time our doberman played in the snow.

Pit will probably be able to recognize the breed better than i would.

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looks like a dalmatian / mix

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Could be part catahoula, to me he/she looks like a dalmatian or dalmatian mix.

Brad, I haven't heard of a dog's skin helping in the cold but maybe it does. I'd be interested to know the story behind that. I do know they have similar skin to us in the sense that dryness/itchiness is an issue for lots of dogs in the winter. And you're dead on about the paws being the biggest issue. My poor Amy battles this every winter :-( Coincidentally she is believed to be part Basenji, which is an African dog... probably not built for the cold lol

Bailey "the unknown reindeer", regardless of breed, looks like a single coated dog. Which means he/she doesn't have that special thick undercoat, which amazingly keeps the dog both warm in winter, and cool in summer (common mistake: shaving huskys and other thick coated breeds in the summer to keep them cool).

The vast majority of dogs, even short-haired breeds, should be fine outside in the winter/snow for reasonable periods of time. Especially when they're being as active as Bailey was. The video is only a couple minutes, and we also don't know the temperature. It could have been 30 degrees, which if you're used to brutal winters, is NOT bad at all. Also, cold-winter veterans might notice how powdery and dry the snow looks in the video. If the moisture level was higher, Bailey may not have enjoyed the snow as much if she was gettin soaked.

"Thats awesome. If only we could all be that excited over something so simple. "

I couldn't agree more. You see it in children as well. An incredible ability to live in the moment. At the risk of coming off as even more of a dog freak than you guys already think I am, if that's possible, my dogs teach me life lessons like that every day. Loyalty, forgiveness, unconditional love, hard work to help/please those you care about etc.

Dogs ftmfw. :-)

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If we had that much snow here I would look a lot like that dog. I love snow. I might even be more excited than the dog...

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Animal vids are some of the best on the net. Why? Because they're unrehearsed and without motive. If you haven't seen the pug bowling vid on youtube search for it. I'm not a fan of small dogs which is I guess why that vid appeals to be extremely funny lol.
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