Adventures In Smogging


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So I go to this smog place today that my mechanic recommended and I had to piss like a dragon, so I used their bathroom. This is what I saw on the wall so I took a pic:


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Ummm ok? Thats f*cking sick dude.

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thats pretty wierd

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Just chit in the trash can?

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You lost me at "smogging".

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i'm going to assume since it's cali, it would be some shop that does car emissions work and such...

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In my current shop and the shop in the plant where I used to design in we employed nothing but Guatemalans. Apparently in their country personal hygiene took a backseat to most everything else. They too ALWAYS disposed their toilet paper in the trash. It was customary for them because the plumbing in their country is atrocious. Flushing paper was sure to cause a backed up mess so they never did. In the trash it went. Then they come here and we compare their standards to ours and get offended something fierce. Shoot in the summertime a lot of them still prefer the woods.

It's just where they're from. They come here without any proper sanitary etiquette.

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San Diego, California

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Paul is correct. The owner and his wife are VC.
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