New direction for Wii games?


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Andrew Capps, NC US

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Wilmington, Ma

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carnegie mellon of course lol.

smart guy though, hopefully we'll see something soon in the future

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Pretty cool.

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Phnom PenhCambodia

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yeah that guy is awesome. I like his idea with the projector and leds or was it fiber optics.

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COD4 Addict

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surprised he isn't part of a large software developer...

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San Diego, California

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A useful Asian... how about that.

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Stillwater/Edmond, Oklahoma USA

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pretty cool, but like he says. For people watching or any other person playing with u... its kind of not as spectacular.

Still awesome guy tho!

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A pic is worth 1000 posts!!

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Wow. This IS the next gaming level. 3D without the bulky helmet.

Undoubtedly someone is already ripping his ideas off and patenting them if he hasn't already. Assuming Nintendo or anyone else hasn't already developed this.

He'll be getting laid soon regardless.

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Monroe, Louisiana Team Audible...

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I see some badass shooter games on the way :-)

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BC Canada

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No doubt. That would be amazing for an FPS.
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