How long should tires last? (mileage)


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Specifically, 33x12.50 Mickey Thompson Baja Claw Radial tires. Anyone have any idea (ball park)? I know there are sooooo many factors, but assuming my alignment is good and I rotate them as often as I should, daily driving my car on roads (and offroad every so often) in Ohio (lots of snow in winter, warm in summer, etc), how long might I expect to see out of 33" tires on a 2000 jeep cherokee assuming the lift kit and tires are installed correctly. Also, if you were me, would you purchase the 5th tire and rim in case I get a flat, or is it rare that I would ever get a flat with these tires?

any help would be great, i know it's a RANDOM question.

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I had a buddy in high school who ran some 35" claws and if I remember correctly he only got about 22k out of them. He kept them inflated properly as well as rotated them often too.

As far as the spare, I would say that if you could swing it deff. get it. I had some 38s on my truck and caught a flat out in the middle of BFE one time, no spare. SUCKED!!!!

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For off-roading, unless you have bead-lock rims on it, I say yes to getting an extra rim and tire. I've seen too many people pop a bead and have no spare. Although a bead break is easy to fix, (a spray of ether and a match) a simple swap is more ideal.

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damn thats what what i wanted to hear haha, but thanks for the input guys, anyone else?

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those are pretty decent tires for on/off road. you could just keep a spare of a regular tire and save some money, but if you have the money for the extra tire then it could help you out.

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