Circuit City files for bankruptcy protection


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it was just a matter of time. there's no way they could of kept up with best buy. best buy has alot more selection and the store in general looks alot better. not to mention its alot bigger too.

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Best Buy is a sh!t hole! I always found Circuit City's stores to be more nicely maintained/organized than Best Buy. Also the employees have generally been a bit more knowledgable/helpful in my experience. I'm biased though, I really loathe best buy.

At any rate, I would think Circuit City's struggles are bad news for us right? I mean if CC goes under, BB won't have as much competetive pressure on them to persuade consumers with low-prices/sales etc.

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best buy is big in my town and circuit city went out of business

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It doesn't matter to me personally. You're going to see a lot more of this due to the spending freeze a lot of homes are suffering this year.

I mean I was just reading on Yahoo how some poor woman had to sell one of her 4 homes because of hard times. Oh the humanity!

**shakes head**

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This is like 5 day old news =/ Over on the Xtremesystems forums we're up on top of our news :-)

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its still a surprise but seems to be a sign of the times ahead

if they could have only held on til the upcoming xmas sales things might be less less bad & they cud reorganize themselves ; lots of ppl going to be out of a job ...

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Oh yeah. Isn't DHL laying off 9500 ppl as well? When shipping companies are laying off you know that means consumer spending is way down. Less is being bought/shipped all over.

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Never did like that store anyway, nicknamed it Jerk-it-Silly. Sucks for those that will lose their jobs though.

Circuit City = Jerk-it-Silly
Best Buy = Worst Buy
Electronic Express = Electronics Depressed

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Dhl is not laying off thier straight getting out of the country. i'm not kidding thier leaving the U.S.

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CC IS good for something..... when I'm doing an install in a rush and can't order stuff online, they are the only store that always has the HU wiring harnesses and speaker adapters in stock for almost every car..... best buy never has that stuff.

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lol, this was inevitable, especially with how much employee theft goes on there, at least at the one close to my parents

I know that particular store recently just lost I think 70 grand from a warehouse employee stealing plasma and flat panel tvs.

looks like I'll be getting a new tv soon... :-)
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